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Today, I decided to motivate myself to workout by looking at a picture of a guy with a six-pack on my computer screen while doing abs. My dad walked in after I finished and was still breathing heavily from working out. FML
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Next time try and motivate yourself while looking at a female bodybuilder, still awkward but at least she doesn't have a penis

To me, this seems like the perfect opportunity to play mind games with your dad.


To me, this seems like the perfect opportunity to play mind games with your dad.

Haha yeah OP can have some fun with this. This is good so that he can see his dads opinion on someone who is gay.

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"Yeah, dad. How about those abs? They make me want to do some weights with some gay bar--I mean barbells. By the way, have you seen my glitter and Justin Bieber cd?"

42) Even gay guys hate Justin Bieber. I know a couple who hate him with a passion.

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People keep calling beiber gay. Gays don't want him either.

Well I'll admit that yes I'm a guy. But a few of Justin biebers new songs are not that bad. But that's just my opinion.

I would be one of those guys that hate justin beaver with a passions...

In this situation, I would have looked down for a brief moment, then with my most serious face look him in the eye, and say " Dad, I think it's time for you to leave." and look back at my screen until he left.

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So now he thinks you are gay, the exact thing happened to my friend while he was looking for new boxers online. OP I feel you pain. feel OP's pain because a your FRIEND went through something similar?

Explain the situation! Sounds suss though

#62, here in England, "suss" is slang for "figure". (IE, you can suss out the solution to a problem.) Something about the context gives me the impression that #4 might be using it as an abbreviation of "suspect", though. Or possibly slang for "sorted". Although having slang words to replace slang words seems a bit ridiculous to me.

Next time try and motivate yourself while looking at a female bodybuilder, still awkward but at least she doesn't have a penis

Good advice, but I think I'd rather just listen to music. No one is going to judge you for that.

I hate this phone app, I commented on #1s comment and it pushed it to yours. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone.

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LOL awkward at first but no big deal after u explain it to him.. unless he doesnt believe u of course :/ good luck man.

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Listen to breakdown of sanity. That's all the motivation you'll ever need. Be warned though it's not for the faint of heart.

20- #1 is no more with us.... Moment of silence please...

Just look at a picture of a super hot girl and tell yourself you're not going to get her or any girl that hot with your current physique. That should be good motivation.

Female bodybuilders aren't that great looking, in my opinion. Just keep a mental image in your head instead of on your computer screen.

With all the steroids she takes, she's probably close to having one anyways...

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That must've been uncomfortable for the both of you.

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Bonzer 2

His birthday is the 17th. Today is the 16th.

42- uh, it says the 16th on his profile, so what are you going by?

Fatalally 4

Says 6/17/1994 for me. Maybe it's just the app?

Fatalally 4

...that or I'm just missing the sarcasm.

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It's the 17th but I figured it was a glitch so I didn't want to be an asshole about it.

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It's the 16th for me glitch I guess well now it's 17th HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Don't worry OP, I "motivate" myself at least once a day. ;)

It's the effort that counts... Even if all the movement is with one hand.

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I can just imagine him staring at you, than just walking away

then*, otherwise there's a totally different meaning to what you're saying.

29 - I had the mental image of OP's dad staring at him, contemplating walking away, then deciding not to and continuing to stare. The "than" makes it much funnier.

Byahhh 3

Must have been ABSolutely awkward.

Have fun making eye contact for the next few weeks.

The only excuse for that would be a Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee poster.

Mentioning Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris in the same category eh? Bruce Lee- changed martial arts forever, culturally diffused it into American society. An educated man who can be quoted at any time. Chuck Norris- a B rate actor.

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I can only imagine what your father thought. lol