By NotGay - United States - Lake Zurich
Today, I decided to motivate myself to workout by looking at a picture of a guy with a six-pack on my computer screen while doing abs. My dad walked in after I finished and was still breathing heavily from working out. FML
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In this situation, I would have looked down for a brief moment, then with my most serious face look him in the eye, and say " Dad, I think it's time for you to leave." and look back at my screen until he left.

  CustardAndPie  |  13

#62, here in England, "suss" is slang for "figure". (IE, you can suss out the solution to a problem.)

Something about the context gives me the impression that #4 might be using it as an abbreviation of "suspect", though.
Or possibly slang for "sorted". Although having slang words to replace slang words seems a bit ridiculous to me.


29 - I had the mental image of OP's dad staring at him, contemplating walking away, then deciding not to and continuing to stare. The "than" makes it much funnier.

  Hockeyboy4280  |  18

Mentioning Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris in the same category eh?

Bruce Lee- changed martial arts forever, culturally diffused it into American society. An educated man who can be quoted at any time.

Chuck Norris- a B rate actor.