By SleeplessinNJ - 20/10/2020 17:02 - United States - Raritan

Kick the bum out

Today, after spending money on all the furniture and decor in our apartment, paying rent every month from my bank account, paying for all the groceries, and paying for all the dog supplies, my fiance asked why I don't keep saving thousands of dollars every month, while he pays for none of it. FML
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  Jaymail  |  17

I agree. He was kidding. He wasn’t serious. Right? Let him know that 1/2 of whatever he has in “his” account belongs to you. Otherwise you’re setting yourself up for an early end to your upcoming marriage.

By  RichardPencil  |  30

Is he that out of your league?

Why are you such a chump that you are paying for everything? You'd be better off alone than feeding such a leech for the rest of your life.

By  Paul Hext  |  3

I'm guessing here, but is he hung like a donkey or something? He would seem to be a freeloader taking you for a ride. That isn't his money that he is saving, it's yours!