By R_Horsefeet - / Tuesday 29 March 2016 23:10 / Netherlands
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By  george_s_4  |  30

Not his fault. If I had a girlfriend and she texted me a pic of herself that looked extra good I would say she looked extra good in that pic. So yeah I don't blame him for that at all

By  askullnamedbilly  |  33

Confront him and ask him why the hell he thought it would be socially acceptable to photoshop a picture of someone and send it to them without being asked to. That dude needs to be called out on his shit because I BET he's the kind of self-involved douche who actually thought he was doing you a 'favour'.

  9a_1z  |  12

Hmm, I think with most people the better you are at photoshop the less obvious it is you have used it, whereas makeup is part of a 'look' and has a bit of individuality to it.


I figured makeup being used to cover flaws, or "make you prettier" would be equal to digital editing being used to adjust or remove flaws. I don't believe in makeup myself; I think a lot of girls look better without it.

  9a_1z  |  12

Are you sure the girls you consider good looking aren't just wearing subtle make-up? It can be hard to realise if you don't know much about it.
Whether you believe in it or not isn't important, girls (and boys) are still going to keep wearing it and feeling good about themselves regardless!

  9a_1z  |  12

I reckon he knew his friends were going to look up his new girlfriend online and didn't feel she looked impressive enough with her existing non-photoshopped picture.
I don't think it's about her at all, it's about him and his insecurities.

  Jer706  |  5

No that's not even accurate. Anyone who photoshops another person picture and says that they would look better as that does not have "good intentions". They're what we call assholes.

By  9a_1z  |  12

You should ask for a dick pic then send it back heavily photoshopped and tell him how good it looks.
Then if you're petty enough print it off and keep looking at it next time you have sex.

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