By anonymous - 08/10/2011 15:36 - Sri Lanka

Today, I decided to make homemade french fries. I figured all I needed was potatoes and salt, right? Wrong! I also needed the fire department and an ambulance. FML
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Wow! I can understand the fire department but ambulance too??? What did you do?!?

Damn_Hippster 11

How could you forget the fire department and a ambulance? Those are key ingredients to French fries


Wow! I can understand the fire department but ambulance too??? What did you do?!?

Damn_Hippster 11

How could you forget the fire department and a ambulance? Those are key ingredients to French fries

cudi504 4

I really want french fries right now

I must be making French fries the wrong way. I usually just use potatoes, salt and oil. That's probably why they always turn out so shitty.

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

OP probably started an oil fire and tried to put it out with water.

To make decent French Fries without razing your neighborhood, boil the sliced potatoes in oil for about 45-60 minutes THEN salt them. And for the love of tater tots, buy a fire extinguisher. You're gonna want one if your that much of a fire hazard.

X_Codes 11

54 - either you're an idiot or you're trolling. In either case, if you cook home-made french fries for more than 10 minutes total, you're doing it wrong.

74 shut up now and I'll let you live, also I think this FML is an insult to me.

89, did you need the ambulance and fire department too, or did you make them wrong?

Denikk 0

Home made french fries? wow... is it that hard?

Ionodemon1995 0

102- no. It's easy but he accidentally had the recapy book open to French Fires instead..

I've heard if you have an oil fire, you can use baking soda to put it out, or smother it

Annies 17

Because the fire department showed up it can be assumed that op also needed an ambulance because they got severely burned. Most likely anyway.

Maybe next time you should look up how to online.

I hate this app -.- it tries so hard to not let me edit so *fries*

Hm, I do not think that I would trust OP with oven fries either.

Am I the only one who didn't like the way this was phrased? Also YDI.

bizarre_ftw 21

It was phrased well enough, so what if it's not perfect? It's still funny! Calmeth thine **** (curtesy of a friend of mine)

bizarre_ftw 21

Okay this shitty app wouldn't let me add the last part, which was: < curtesy of a friend of mine)

agree! " make home made french fries " is very confusing

TheRealHouse 7

Today, I concluded that I should proceed in preparing some French fried potatoes. I reasoned that all this would require is potatoes and sodium chloride. Unbeknownst to me however, it also entailed emergency medical and fire vehicles and personel. FML Better?

the reason as to why the ambulance was needed is left for the reader to imply. an educated guess is that while slicing the potatoes into fries; the OP severely cut, or even severed a finger.

bizarre_ftw 21

Or, as anyone that's accidentally started a small frying pan fire or been in a school drill would know, ambulances come automatically with the fire department. That is Definitely the more likely reason, If we're being serious, not sure why we would be on this site however *shrugs* meh

You are my favorite person #32 best FML ever

bizarre_ftw 21

Of course they do! How on earth are you making French fries? -_^

yamatelle 19

7-No, they require des sapeurs pompiers and the Croix Rouge Française.

bizarre_ftw 21

They do require a proper amount of monkey cum.

bizarre_ftw 21

#7 You sir, are a colossal troll! On the up side, congratulations! On the down side, I've sent someone to your home to defenestrate you. They should be there shortly. Have a nice day :)

NagatoPain 4

Today, I got thumbed down on FML because I didnt get what Fire Department and the Ambulance was for to make french fries. Im a sore loser that I still dont get what happened. FML

loveanthony645 5

You will if you get any dumber...

26 your comment annoys me, but I gave it a thumbs up for your surprise use of "defenestrate."

SwaggerMelon 6

French Fries do not require the fire department and an ambulance.

bizarre_ftw 21

of course they do, how have you been making them all this time?

Annies 17

They do if you are an extremely unlucky individual like OP.

DontModMeDammit 10

Don't forget ketchup, people always remember the ambulance and fire department, but they always forget the ketchup.

perdix 29

Are you some kind of cannibal, and make these French fries out of real French firemen and paramedics?

Uh of course you needed the fire department and an ambulance. Firemen and paramedics are awesome fry cooks.