By Anonymous - 17/01/2012 13:20 - Australia

Today, my boyfriend, who is supposed to protect me from murderers and rapists, had an emotional breakdown because he was so excited that I'd cooked french fries for dinner. FML
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That's a good thing isn't it? He was happy you made him something he enjoys. Food always gets to us men.

perdix 29

He's protecting you from murderers, yet you are trying to kill him from the inside. Ingrate!


That's a good thing isn't it? He was happy you made him something he enjoys. Food always gets to us men.

theten_fml 9

French fries were his rapist/murder fighting fuel!

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Other than those I can't think of anything else... Us men are so simple.

Y'all really did sum it up... Men look strangely different now... Nah, no they don't.

Maybe has was overly excited because you either don't cook or are not a very good cook. F his life if the best thing you ever made is French fries!

Guns are the things that protect you from rapists. Can't rely on your BF now, OP.

Who says you can't have a guy who loves fries yet can still protect you from rapists?

Where are all the pansies that say "OMG DUMP HIM"

RochelleRedvines 8

I don't blame him. French fries are delicious.

I cooked French fries and chicken for my guy last night. I love cooking for him! No wonder he sticks around ;) but I didn't let him have any till he finished his salad. He finished it.

I don't like this fml. Fyl for thinking that's the only thing boyfriends do.

What does OP usually make for him to be so damn happy about French fries?? XD

You are friggen hot! Look at your picture...dayum boy ;)

Lucky him. Unhealthy food and a gf who acts like his mom.

Damn... Bitch.... Lol jk... But seriously

What you think he can protect you on an empty stomach? He need to fuel the cannons sweetcheeks.

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85- Gubs don't kill people. I kill people with guns!!

Dreamkiller51 5

O shit I meant guns not Gubs stupid auto correct

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233- Only the men who are 20% cooler.

perdix 29

He's protecting you from murderers, yet you are trying to kill him from the inside. Ingrate!

He shouldn't have to protect her from murderers or rapists if shes staying in the kitchen where she belongs. Clearly shes not conforming to her 1950's media stereotype since hes so excited over fries, so why should he?

dixiefoxx 22

Yes, we totally should, it'd save his life!

He won't listen. That stuff is seriously addictive. I should know.


Who doesn't like home cooked French fries?

ShroomsOnAcid 16

I cut my potatoes in circles, line them up in a very lightly oiled pan in one layer, then sprinkle some olive oil and a little salt on top. Bake them till they're done, and they come out with all the crispiness of french fries, and much less of the grease. Oops, gotta go clean all that drool off the floor!

The_Tool1 13

Baked potatoes are quite delicious.

I LOVE french fries. But bake potatoes are good too....

desireev 17

I just love all kinds of potatoes.. Fried potatoes,(with Lawrys seasoned salt. Mmmmm..), baked potatoes, potatoes au gratin, scalloped potatoes. French fries, potato cakes, potato bread.. All of it! I love potatoes!!! Mmmmmmm.....

*looks and notices people staring and drooling* now people calm down! *starts running away*.

I also really like poutine even tho it sounds kinda gross..

"Gonna have to face it, you're addicted to spuds." -Weird Al

They must have actually been fried and not baked.

Women ask for equality then say things like this. You can only have it one way or the other, make your choice.

Where do murderers and rapists come into play here? He's just happy that you made him fries. You should start playing video games. He'd never break up with you.

alliewillie 22

I agree with this. I am SO confused how "murderers and rapists" (wtf?!) and crying in happiness over fries are even remotely related.

She's implying that he's supposed to play the role of "Mr. Big and Tough" and protect her from danger. How is he supposed to do that when he turns into an emotional wreck when she makes french fries?

I take issue with the idiotic gender roles in play here in this relationship.

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You could say the same thing about all the 'make me a sammich' comments/FMLs that come up as well.

AceArctic 4

Yes, but those are a joke 99.5% of the time. Don't act as if you thought they were true.

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That's why I got me a girl that can cook, loves football, AND plays video games ;) couldn't be happier

I'm just trying to follow OP's train of thought. Perhaps she wants a boyfriend that automatically swivels in the direction of all potential danger, like some sort of sentient security camera with ultimate ninja skillz. Alternately, it could be that, in OP's neighborhood, one out of two people is a rapist, and she needs a perpetual meat shield to protect from all of the involuntary pork-sword penetrations. |the kid|

Shes clearly a bumbling superhero and he's her skilled sidekick who usually saves the day. Kind of like the Green Hornet and Kato, except they have less sex and Kato has to resort to fast food to satisfy his needs as a man.

154rct 7

Couldn't have said it better myself

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The way to a mans heart is through his stomach?

xkayxkayx 5

No obviously his belly button! It's the secret passage to the heart.

Actually the way to a mans heart is through the ribcage.

TahoeFMler 22

106, you forgot to add "with a sharp knife!"

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Look who's talking!! Jesus fatty!! Jk haha

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155- That was a tad bitchy of you. I'm just saying...

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I wanna know what these moderated comments said. :-/

Mister_Triangle 21

False. If you can pierce the bone, the chest cavity is the quickest route

joeyl2008 29

I thought it was through the rectum

I'd break down to.They're French fries ESPECIALLY home made. It just means he loves you even more:D