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  Doortje  |  29

#9: Just because you could tell your plans for the night in 4 words ("jerk off to porn") doesn't mean everyone else's life is that boring.

  humorizer  |  14

@9 - I got only 30 thumbs down (as of October 9)? I'm surprised.

And yeah, it shouldn't take more than a minute to describe what you're doing on a given night. Behold:
"Ok, so tonight I'm going to put on my make up, eat some food, maybe hit up the mall, then go clubbing with Shaniqwa and the guhs, then go to the mall again, and after that I'm going to go to the bar, get laid, then do some drugs afterwards."

There you go. I said all the stuff that 'people with lives' do, and it would have taken me about 45 seconds to say on the phone.

  Lauren10102  |  3

False, I discovered the worst first world problem yesterday as I bitched to my sister about angry birds not having an update when I finished all the current levels.

  cudi504  |  4

#12 its a steryotype joke like black or asian jokes. Not all blacks steal and not all asians drive bad, its just fun to make jokes about it. So blondes are retards. :)