By BestBF - 23/04/2013 23:22 - United States - Omaha

Today, I decided to be playful and leave my girlfriend flowers and chocolates from an "Anonymous Admirer". She immediately dumped me, saying she couldn't be with someone who "isn't even as romantic as a stranger". Yep, I think I just got dumped for myself. FML
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flockz 19

my right hand never cares how romantic i am.

seems as if she was fishing for an excuses to break up


She didn't even listen to your explanation???

It'd be really easy to say for OP to say that he did it even if he didn't, his girlfriend wasn't wrong to doubt him. FYL, OP, but it would have been a romantic gesture if you gave them in your own name too, I don't understand why you didn't

Or better yet, why didn't OP just say it was from him the first time?

SynysterNero 20

He said he was trying to be playful which would be the reason for not putting his name.

seems as if she was fishing for an excuses to break up

It'll be great when the girlfriend goes on an adventure to seek out the anonymous admirer who sent them and winds up right where she started

That would be a unique situation right there

I agree with 4, probably she's been feeling a lack of romance for a while now and was just searching for the proper 'proof' to break it off.

bamagrl410 31

I'm not so sure she was looking for a reason to break up, I think she's just dumb. If I had something like that given to me, my first thought would be to ask my boyfriend or people close to me if they did it, not break up with my boyfriend.

What she did was wrong but try think of it from her perspective too, this shouldn't be a surprise for her.. She should always feel loved and see your romantic side, why save it for occasions like this? Although again, what she did wasn't right so I'm sorry to hear that op!

peachesncreem 21

What occasion? I think OP did this spontaneously. Seems romantic to me.

Yeah, but it seems like he rarely, if ever, does romantic stuff like this normally. If it was that much of a surprise and she never even considered that it was him, that's kind of sad.

A couple doesnt have to be romantic 24/7... I think spontaneously and special occasions are really the only times you need to be romantic. The rest of the time, juat be yourself. Unless youre naturally 100% romantic... I guess then you can be yourself too

I honestly think she just wanted to end things, because that is a really dumb reason...

Does anyone know how to read.. I did say what she did was wrong and shouldn't have gone like that. But if she feels that the 'stranger' was being more romantic then there's definitely a problem.

That being her response, you are probably better off now.

cukiemunstaaaar 10

You're better off without her if she's willing to break up with you for stupid reasons.

As #4 said, she could just be looking for a way out, but I'm really curious to what she said after you told her.... Cause you did tell her right OP?

You referenced a previous comment but didnt feel like posting on the comment itself? Interesting...

Never in my many years of FML lurking have I ever seen someone complain about what can only be described as the opposite of threadjacking.

I just found the situation interesting and felt like saying so, wasn't even mad bro

Try explaining it, if she doesn't care, I have a feeling she was just waiting for an opportunity to dump you.

Well, at least now you can continue doing that without putting "Anonymous Admirer" in quotation marks.

dinosxxrawr 22

you don't need a girl with a mindset like hers.