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Today, I was dumped by the guy who serenaded me with his guitar and admitted he had feelings for me. Why? Because the girl who had continuously been rejecting him for so long finally decided to give him a chance. FML
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Well not that you care, but I have to agree with KaySL. The guy shouldn't have pursued a relationship with OP, knowing that he had feelings for someone else. It was very unfair to her, and she ended up hurt in the end. Not to mention that KaySL has the brains to properly capitalize a word here and there.


Then why would he go out with someone else? On another note, did the new girl know about the relationship? I hope it was a pity date, and that she dumped him right afterwards. (:

fakeaccountX 6

If she kept rejecting him, she definitely wasn't worth it. Did you try telling him that?

@real family guy : lol or implants? I guess the guitar guy had backup plans, huh? op being said plans :P better luck next time op, thanks for playing. (but seriously, sucks for op)

Mayybb you just need a rebound *wink face* :D

He sounds like a clingy loser to me, I think OP dodged a bullet.

Right. That crap would have gotten old fast. I had an ex like that, I wanted to punch him. While I was packing my stuff, he started singing

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wow, that sucks OP :/ I'm sorry guys can be total douche bags sometimes. time to move on :)

Did you miss the request "Speak your mind, but please try and be respectful"?

ICaughtFire 4

Well not that you care, but I have to agree with KaySL. The guy shouldn't have pursued a relationship with OP, knowing that he had feelings for someone else. It was very unfair to her, and she ended up hurt in the end. Not to mention that KaySL has the brains to properly capitalize a word here and there.

k it's great that this is getting so much attention but KaySL chill out why u trippin over a troll? he doesnt have a life, why u proving u don't either?

Since when does commenting here indicate a lack of a life? In the age of smart phones (and not-so-smart commenters), people can have FML at their fingertips anywhere. For all you know, KaySL could be trippin' on ecstasy at a rave in Buenos Aires or partying with the Kardashians in Miami while typing out at quick comment on his Blackberry Torch. So until you have the facts, make like a tree and get outta here.

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I never got the phrase "make like a tree."

not just commenting here smartass. he's getting pissed off by a troll, I'm telling him to chill out. but of course u should focus on one of my words instead of the idea that I present, and what kind of a useless sidekick would u be if u didn't suck up to KaySL at the same time.

Sydney, you're failing miserably at making a point here. So what you're saying is that getting angry proves he has no life? What idea are you presenting exactly? It seems to me you've taken too many hockey sticks to the head and don't have two brain cells to rub together. And "useless sidekick" made me LOLOLOLOLOLOLLLOOLLOL seriously shut the **** up.

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it also always helps to know the whole story.. rather than just one sentence

ICaughtFire 4

75 and 80.. I always heard "make like a tree and leave." I guess that makes sense because trees have leaves, but "make like a tree and get outta here" doesn't make sense to me either.

Have you never seen Back to the Future? Biff Tannen? Am I the only one here who remembers that line from the movie? Anyone? Bueller?

"Marty: What happens to us in the future? Do we become assholes or something?" I guess that answer would be "yes".

ICaughtFire 4

Kay, I noticed in your argument, you're treating the situation as if he just left and went to the next cute girl he saw. He obviously REALLY wanted the other girl, which op new when getting into the relationship (at least that's what I'm inferring). You can't blame him for jumping at an opportunity he's been waiting a REALLY long time for, and you believe otherwise, you're either a hypocrite or one who settles for less way too easily.

@ Kay; it is not ok to **** a doughnut. Finger bang yes. ****... no. Anyway, on the other note, it isn't so much that he left her for another girl, it is that he took so much effort to woo OP and then dump her. Seriously, had he really had feelings for the OP to take such an effort, he should have forgotten said other girl. I really hate player wannabes. You want to win a girl over? Be sweet, be kind, but be ******* sincere.

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:( Aww poor you. You should have played hard to get like that one chick that kept rejecting him!

cradle6 13

Never "play" hard to get. If you don't like a guy, reject him and move. if you do like the guy, don't reject him.

Maybe if you hadn't been such a frigid, heartless bitch for so long this wouldn't have happened to you. Serves you right, dumbass.

Trying to decide who is more of an arsehole, you or the OP's ex. It's a toughie.

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gees pig that's a little harsh

Tj- I have legions of hateful, malevolent, acrimonious fans. I'm frankly a bit surprised that my (obviously hideously sarcastic) comment is getting voted down so heavily. Can't win 'em all, I guess.

If it's any consolation, I thought your comment had just the right amount of sarcasm.

drfrogpepper 0

hmmm? what are you even talking about

Drfrogpepper - People seem to be upset at my sarcasm and are voting the comment down and burying it. If you're on the FML app you can't see that. Obviously we don't know your whole story since you're limited to 200 characters.

Oh my goodness Doc, you scared me there for a second! One minute you were supporting KaySL who was supporting OP and then the next you made a nasty comment towards OP which I did not at first realize was sarcastic. I suppose I should have seen the sarcasm in it because you did support what KaySL was saying, and if you disagreed you most likely wouldn't have, but sarcasm doesn't transfer well over the internet. Anyways, thanks for stating it was sarcasm for us slower people. ;) I was about to be very sad because you are one of my favorite FML commenters and I was afraid you had gone to the dark side. This dark side being those people who comment saying something like "hurr durr, ur lyk sewww dumb op yew deserved it loozerrr". Of course some people do deserve it, but you know what I mean. So, there wasn't really any important point to this, just wanted to say keep being awesome and having a brain and I'm sorry so many people voted you down.

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believe me, never ever never trust guitarists.

the songs were probably about the other chick.

That makes you even sadder than a rebound.

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holy crap am I high? I thought your DP was Ariel.. the mermaid..

Don't worry about it 87, I once thought Doorjte's picture was Tinkerbell.

So he asked her out again while u two were together? You should be happy he's gone

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Jerk. What a guy will do for a girl.

OP... be prepared. When HE gets dumped, he will be back to fiddle for you.