By Anonymous - 21/12/2010 08:03 - United States
Today, I told my boyfriend that I was sad I'd forgotten to bake him the cookies that I was planning to send to him for Christmas. His response was "Good, you suck at cooking anyway." FML
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By  perdix  |  29

Well, you got him to admit one thing he thinks you stink at. Are you going to stick around and find out more?

Dump him now and hang on to the delusion that you are adequate!

By  UpsidedownKayak  |  9

Sounds like you need to get back in the kitchen and practice cooking by making me a sammich!

Sorry I just couldn't help myself.

OP - The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, good luck getting to his heart now!

  Epilepsy_fml  |  0

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