By Fat Jon - 29/10/2015 19:43 - Mexico - Mexico

Today, I went to a costume contest as Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. I won, which was nice, until I was told that the only flaws in my "Samwell Tarly" outfit were my long hair and wrong sword. FML
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How popular is Game of Thrones in Mexico though?

Apparently popular enough that people can tell the difference between Jon's and Sam's swords...

Shit total brain fart, forgot Sam is in GoT as well...whoops

Sure, they got your character wrong. You still won, right?

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I feel like many people aren't getting why this is an FML. It's the character of Samwell. His outfit is similar, but he's extremely weak . . . and very fat. Whereas Jon is slender and powerful. Don't get me wrong, I love Sam and OP is awesome for making a Nights Watch costume, but I had to clarify the situation for the non GOT fans.

I get disliking being typecast as 'the fat one', but Sam is loyal, brave, caring and intelligent. He's way more than just a less pretty version of Jon. Though personally I'd have gone as Hodor, it's a great excuse for not being very talkative at social gatherings.

Also a great excuse to show up without pants for no reason at all. I still don't understand why that scene was in there... Was the director just like, this scene is boring lets put in some Hodor ****.

You can tell you won. Haters are gonna hate.

The night is dark and full of laughter /op you can't be that fat

At least you didn't lose to a 16 year girl dressed up as a "pikachu," but was really wearing a pikachu hoodie and a 4 inch miniskirt.