By sparky83000 - Canada
Today, at work on a construction site, my coworker dropped a small piece of metal from 4 stories, and it struck another worker. We quickly began to climb down to see if the person was OK, and the same coworker dropped a metal pole, and crushed my hand, two minutes after the first accident. FML
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  Le_ponderer  |  14

Or they need to get bitten by a radioactive spider! Spiderman was on a lot of scaffolding and was more often than not, able to retract whatever he dropped before it hits the ground or a person.

By  Dominus101  |  20

That's Really unfortunate OP, your Co worker aka butter fingers is definitely a Liability, i know accidents can happen but maybe they should be reassigned to working on the ground as to Not be such a hazard on the job site for now. Hope your hand heals soon

By  amileah13  |  26

Holy shit I would get away from him as fast as I could at least nowhere near under him. Hope you both are okay