By noname - France
Today, I decide to go to my ex-girlfriend's house to bring her stuff back. I broke up with her earlier this week after a 2 year relationship, and I'd hoped she would have realized her mistake and ask me to stay for a bit and talk. I ring the doorbell and her new boyfriend opens the door. FML
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  s3kShUn47  |  20

#26, then again, it could very well be the fact she was hanging around a particular boy too much (like you know, being all touchy and flirty) and I'm sure OP had a good reason to break off a 2 year relationship. The fact she got a boyfriend less than a few days after so long a relationship must've meant she didn't care much for the break up anyways, so I don't see how OP is at fault for doing what he saw as right

By  lynn_56  |  0

to everyone who says he deserves it: he never explains why he broke up with her. he said he hoped she "realized her mistake." maybe she deserved it, you never know.

By  rags  |  0

#2 is dead on. Don't listen to anyone else. The same exact shit happened to me, except her "new" boyfriend was her ex who she cheat on me with. It looks like to me that she screwed up and moved on, while your left in the dust hurting... bitches...

By  minimoose300  |  0

was it really a boyfriend though? it was probably someone she was using to get over you... and what do you mean she would realize her mistake? you broke up with her! either way sounds like you made the right decision...just hang in there you'll meet the right girl soon enough :)