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By Anonymous - 23/11/2009 05:21 - Canada

Today, my friend called me freaking out because of an online pregnancy test. She was scared because she had no idea that she was pregnant, let alone having a fifteen-pound baby. The website is a joke. She goes to an Ivy League school, and I couldn't even get into community college. FML
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What'd she have to do, pee on the monitor?

Common sense is completely different to intelligence. Somebody could be incredibly smart, yet very naive at the same time. It doesn't mean they didn't deserve their place in the College :/


Jeez. FHL for being so god damn stupid

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I'd rather be rich than stupid

v1kt4r 13

And you are thinking the two are really up for debate???? Or are you jus stupid

It's a joke, idiot. Jack Handy. Look it up.

her friend is probably school smart but street dumb

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wow,so? what a dumb fml pfft go suck a chode op nuff said.

What'd she have to do, pee on the monitor?

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LOL thats the funniest comment ever!!!!

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are you sponsored by failblog?

why would you pee on the monitor? it is not an input device. Either pee on a mouse, or in the cd tray!

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LOL!!!! how is this an FML...I could understand if the friend was the one who posted this but not if you are this doesnt even really have much to do with your life you didnt get accepted to the school...sure but she's the one not smart enough to use common sense to know that the internet wont tell you if your pregnant x.x therefore FHL not yours

It's an FML because the OP, who at least by this anecdote isn't a ******* moron, can't even get into a community college; ie she's applied to MULTIPLE places, even sinking to community colleges which nearly accept just about anyone, and her friend, who at least by this anecdote IS a ******* moron, got into an Ivy-League college; ie she got into a highly prestigious school that usually only takes the absolute best and brightest. The FML is the cruel, cruel unfairness of it all.

Yeah, after writing that comment I did think, "Maybe peeing on the keyboard would have been more appropriate" but I had already made the joke and didn't think it was a big enough of a deal to make the effort to amend it.

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this is totally fake. you would have to take a pee sample and send it to the headquarters of the website or whatever, just so they could test it and send the results back to you.

Duh. The whole point of the FML was that the website was fake.

Common sense is completely different to intelligence. Somebody could be incredibly smart, yet very naive at the same time. It doesn't mean they didn't deserve their place in the College :/

Common sense should be a prerequisite though.

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Haha I'm gunna say she is probably just a dumb bitch.

I agree with Icethefrostycat; my brother is super super smart, and could probably go anywhere in life. However, he has no common sense whatsoever. That's my job, and of course, I'm not as smart as he.

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him, not he so yeah your not as smart as "he", obviously

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Umm.. Try not to correct people when you're wrong. "I'm not as smart as he" is correct. Implied predicate. "I'm not as smart as he (is)."

Common sense detects jokes, yes, but basic intelligence should detect that you can't take a pregnancy test online. The chick's a bloomin' idiot any way you slice it.

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I took the test. It said I'm 10 weeks pregnant =) I don't know who the baby's daddy is.. Nor did I know I had the right body parts

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My baby is apparently going to be like 32 pounds. Props on the grammar, by the way, Danny. I was thinking the same thing.

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Unfortunately common sense cannot be taught. Either you have it, or you're screwed.

Intelligence and common sense are not the same thing, not even close. Sure a person can be smart....book smart, but has nothing to do how that person will be in real life. Some of the smartest people on paper are often the stupidest idiots ever (ever (ever)) Sadly, that's how the world works. A diploma is more important than having common sense and the know how to ACTUALLY live....pisses me the **** off, don't worry

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That's totally true... and yet I think someone who has enough book smarts, even without a tiny iota of common sense, would know that you cannot take an online pregnancy test, let alone have that test predict the weight of your baby.

I'll go the next step and say that often, intelligence and knowledge is not the same thing, either. This person could've studied hard so they know all the answers to tests, but not necessarily be good at making logical connections on their own.

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And on the other hand, there are plenty of bitter idiots who never made it past high school, and now sit around saying, "Oh yeah, he might of went to Yale, but I have STREET SMARTS so I'm smarter than all those fancy college kids." Its funny to see people try to pretend they are some secret genius. No, you are not Matt Damon, this is not Good Will Hunting, and not going to college does not equal street smarts.

well expen, I am not bitter cuz I didn't go to college / graduate high school. I am 20 and pursuing my Bachelors in Business Administration, then to pursue my Masters at a top business school. I don't see the bitterness.... Even though you may have a good degree, it doesn't mean you have to bash on people that didn't graduate high school - it's their own choice to flip burgers and work at mcdonalds their whole life....or work 9-5 on minimum wage and drive all hours of the day in gridlock :)

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Yeah, with a 7-9% acceptance rates in places like Princeton and Harvard I don't necessarily believe you can call up your uncle and ask him to accidentally accept you?

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I love how you're trying to make yourself feel better for not getting into a place like that! Yeah, I could have made it to Princeton, just a lot of work that I could have done but didn't feel like it! Guess what, I got in Princeton and I've been working my ass off for the last 10 years... so the difference between "could have" and "did" is huge... requires both potential and perseverance, don't know which one you lack...

A radar like screen comes up, and spins around. Then it says "You're not pregnant, but take the test again to make sure!" You take it again "You're pregnant!" It's a boy, blablabla, Then a celebrity is the father. It's dumb as shit.

How is this an F YOUR life? She was the one who should have posted this, not you. It doesn't affect you at all. Unless you're really embarassed to have such a stupid friend. Hehe I probably would be too.

CheshireHalli 19

I think it is because she made it into a big school, while being so stupid; and the OP just got into Community College.

I don't think this is a FYL. This is more of a "How stupid are your friends?"

This is just sad. OP's friend sounds like a product of abstinence-only sex education. How else would she not know how a pregnancy test works? Let's all hope she doesn't accidentally get pregnant before she finishes college.