By charlieweaver21 - 21/01/2010 22:02 - France

Today, I agreed to meet my ex-girlfriend at our favorite restaurant with my hopes high. She just wanted me to meet her new boyfriend. FML
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npk88 0

that really sucks...what a bitch.

30Degrees_Below0 0

That's so low... I can't even imagine how angry I'd be if my ex boyfriend did that to me. If she's that rude, don't even worry about being friends with her.


npk88 0

that really sucks...what a bitch.

if she wanted you to meet him, could that possibly mean she still wants you?

You deserve it for coming with hopes that were under the influence of narcotic drugs.

eyesluvsya 0

i think she was longing for you and she was trying to make you jelouse eihter pay back or she still got feelings for you... sorry

#67 I would say "stop pretending to be smart" but he actually makes a perfect point...espcially about the old problems resurfacing part....Never get back with an ex...i did...and like he/she said the old problems just came back...Their is a reason it ended and it will probably just end again...tell that hoe "Im happy for you.and when he dumps your overused ass...just know..I will be laughing in the distance" >=)

Right after she would tell me I'd tell her to **** off and that she wasted 10 minutes of my life.

wow... really?? that's kinda bitchy... she invited u just to rub it in ur face... FORGET HER!!!!!

flashback.miss 28

Why? Why must women think this is appropriate? No your ex bf doesn't want to meet your new bf.

i dont think thats appropriate at all. unless i am friends with my ex then i might if it comes up. but im not going to invite my ex onto a date with my new beau to be a bitch. fyl OP your exgirlfriend is a flaming thundercunt.

nood_fml 0

maybe she did it for revenge?

Come on, u two already broke up~Just focus on ur next~

why oh why do people want to get back with their exs?

Nice way of showing it. If someone sprung that on me, they'd never hear from me again.

It's a joke, don't take it so seriously! (: