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Today, for the first time, I hugged the man I have been in love with for four years. It was a congratulatory hug at his wedding to my best friend. FML
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This may sound mean, but you should've gotten over it after they started dating.


I thought friends share everything with eachother

YDI YDI YDI YDI YDI YDI x 9999999999999999 If you've really been in love with him for 4 years then you should have told him. The worst he could say is he didn't feel the same and you could have gotten over it. I have no sympathy for people who don't express their feelings.

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I call BS, she's never hugged him before? Girls hug guys all the time, all my chick friends give me hugs whenever I see them...and she didn't give him a single hug in 4 years? That's some bullshit right there...

Hahaha, I was thinking the same thing #68. Probably was never that close with him if they've never hugged before.

exactly, #68. also, YDI for using the phrase "the man i have been in love with". your little crush on him where he doesn't like you back isn't being "in love"

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YDI for going to the wedding

daaanngggggg, did you ever tell your friend that you had feelings for this dude????

YDI you can't be in love with someone for 4 years. It's called a crush,get over it and move on.

I disagree. What if she really just loved the man so much that she didn't want him to be uncomfortable or have to feel like he's hurting her by marrying someone else? That's not something that should be critisized or laughed at.

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not a dudes dick well maybe if you r mmaking a porno

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ease up guys maybe she couldn't tell him cause he was already with her best friend??

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girl, that sucks!!:// you should have tried harder...??

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I'm so over the unrequited love FMLs. They are all always the same.

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Seriously. He's with your best friend. Be a good friend and GET. OVER. IT.


I agree with #2 and #21. I mean, seriously, some FMLs lately have been about some person not having the guts to spill the beans ( :D ) to the person they like. Seriously, if you aren't gonna get the balls to do it, be prepared to be disappointed. YDI. Your life is ****** because you are too wishy-washy. Your own fault. No pity.

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I KNOW.. gawd, these ******* losers should (A) get some self esteem/dignity (B) grow a ******* spine, so they won't DIE A VIRGIN. shit. OP has known this man for FOUR YEARS and never hugged him? And is "in love" with him and whining about how he married someone else when she never had the guts to EVER say anything when he was single? Dear lord...

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Op, may i suggest watching My Best Friend's Wedding?

Agreed! Especially since the OP just missed a great opportunity to find some booty at the wedding.

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ya **** op she's a wuss give him a blumpkin

I agree but this one truly a worthy FML. Her life is kind of ****** if someone you loved got married to your best friend.

I agree with this. If you never tell someone how you feel then why are you so surprised that they found someone else. It really isn't THAT difficult to say, "Hey, I like you."

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Why is it that women on here fall in love with men they aren't even dating? You deserved it along with every other desperate women on here.

holy shit jeremy, fyl for going around fml telling the OP's to stfu...christ thats part of the reason why shes fml-ing she never went for it someones an angry troll...

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No but seriously how can someone fall in love with someone they've never even been with. I'm not telling her or anyone else to stfu i'm just saying it's pitiful and rediculous to be in love with someone you've never dated.

fat girl likes the normal guy who talks to her and awknowledged her as a person. fat girl is WAY too self concious to do anything about it. fat girls better looking bff gets with guy. nuff said plausable scenario obvious results its not hard to fall in love with someone who cares for you...its just a lil ****** considering you dont know them as well. not to mention "first time i've hugged..."

come to think about it, this may not even BE about hte fact that she quote-unquote "loved him" maybe the actual fact that she "hesitated and has to **********" lol not hating, just saying your posts have been quite negative -.- nonetheless, there are many different situations where this could occur

It's ridiculous you can't spell ridiculous. It's perfectly plausible for someone to fall in love with someone they're not dating. If they're a friend, or something. It's just as possible, actually.

but people do fall in love with one another online, and they never dated.

agree with 47, you can fall in love with someone whos just a close friemd and not want to say anything because

Thats not true. Just because she's in love with her best guy friend doesn't make her desperate. But because you think that, it just makes you pathetic. You can't judge somebody when you know nothing about the situation. People who think like you are exactly the reason why our society is the way it is. Give people the benefit of the doubt, man.

how come u never told ur best friend u love that guy before it was too late? by too late i mean, before they were together.

Friends shouldn't do that kind of thing because the man obviously was never into the OP and her telling her friend to back-off will only result in a couple(who could possibly have a happy ever after) not even getting together. It wouldn't really do any good to anyone.

******* christ another one of these "i like this guy, i cant get this guy, fml." OP, get over it you weak sack of crap.

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calm down, calm down, calm down, calm down. DONT GET A BIG DICK! :)

Seriously, get on with your life. You now wasted four years, you certainly don't want to add another four.

Totally agree. Although that's a horrible situation to be in, the only thing the OP can do now is GET OVER IT and MOVE ON now.

This may sound mean, but you should've gotten over it after they started dating.

This is more of a fail in my opinion.