By Minnie - 12/06/2016 13:33 - United States - Jacksonville

Today, I was invited to go to a BBQ with one of my guy friends. It turned out to be a surprise engagement party, and every single one of his friends congratulated me. I'm not his fiancée. FML
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So, he just told everyone you were engaged without even asking you? That's just weird. I hope you were honest to his friends.

That's kind of creepy. I sincerely hope it was a major misunderstanding.


So, he just told everyone you were engaged without even asking you? That's just weird. I hope you were honest to his friends.

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Well, maybe take the gifts first ;)

I think he is marrying someone else but everyone thinks she is his GF rather than friend.

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Uhm, congrats on the engagement? Lol

That's kind of creepy. I sincerely hope it was a major misunderstanding.

That would seem strange, considering his friends would have known that he was in a relationship, let alone getting serious enough to propose. I really hope this is all one big joke, because the alternative is kind of scary.

maybe he was going to propose at the party

I think it was a situation of her friend being invited to a BBQ that his friends were throwing, he didn't want to go alone so invited her along. OP's friend IS engaged, just not to her and the friend didn't know that it was a SURPRISE party for his recent engagement. The guys friends just assumed that OP was the fiance since it was the woman he brought with him to the BBQ.

wouldn't his friends have met his fiancé before?

Idk, I guess it would depend on the situation. The friend could have lived somewhere else for a while where he met his fiance, came back to his hometown and so his friends had not met the fiance. He could have a long distance relationship with his fiance. His fiance could be a control freak that never wanted to meet his friends and wanted him to only be friends with her friends. The guy could have a bunch of immature party friends while he was settling down so he stopped really hanging out with his friends.

The wording makes me think that the guy didn't even know it was an engagement party- after all, OP specifies it was a SURPRISE engagement party. It sounds like the guy's friends heard he was engaged, got together the BBQ, and he just assumed it was a normal "hang out with my friends" barbecue to celebrate the start of summer, invited OP to it, and they were both caught off-guard by the fact it was an engagement party. Obviously I could be wrong, but with the wording the way it is, it doesn't really sound like it was the guy being a creeper.

Yeah, that's how I interpreted it it first, but now I'm not so sure. Hopefully we get a follow-up.

If that's the case though, wouldn't his friends have met his fiancé? You would think some of them would know his fiancé, but the way OP is making it sound is like no one knew she wasn't his fiancé and everyone came up to her. So there are two reasons for this, one a few people did know but not everyone and mistakes were made before it was cleared up, or two this guy had been telling everyone that OP was his fiancé but had only showed pictures of her. Hopefully it's the first one otherwise OP has a major creep on her hands.

Or maybe they're congratulating her on NOT being his fiance?? Def need a followup.

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#10 That's how I read it too. I'm assuming OP friend's actual fiancé is long distance or otherwise busy a lot, which is why no one knows her & why the friend didn't bring his fiancé to the BBQ. Maybe OP & the fiancé look similar and if the others only saw pictures of the fiancé that could explain the mix up.

5, your post almost gave me a headache.

Eh? I'm guessing he never showed a picture of his real fiancee to his friends? Or he really actually told them that you're his fiancee? Did you straight up tell them that you're not the fiancee? How did the party go? Did you keep the gifts? So many questions! This needs a follow-up please!