By dane - 29/06/2010 18:07 - United States

Today, I bought a used car from a friend of mine. After getting the car home and further inspecting it, I found one of my wife's earrings in the backseat. FML
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maybe she decided to check out the car to?

Don't jump to conclusions. There may be a perfectly innocent reason it was there. Maybe she loaned the earrings to a friend? Maybe a group of you were in the car and she rode in the backseat?


maybe she decided to check out the car to?

ydi for making earrings

Doesn't sound like a very good friend now, huh?

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0.0 I don't know what to say.

well that seriously sucks. idk what to say to that

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DAYUM!!!! So what's his dick taste like again?.

I hope the seats aren't cloth, at least.

Whoop that ass.

YDI for having a backseat !

Why you whining on fml you little bitch, there's two necks to be broken.

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ur friend is a dick. maybe handle his dick better

47. ROFLMAO. That is the funniest thing I have read here in some time. you rock.

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What a corny way to find out your wife is cheating, they copied this from The Punisher. LAME YDI!

he totally frucked her hard

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7 that's a fucking retarded tatoo

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well if wifey over there has a sister I'd say revenge will be a bitch on her end of things. unless of course she has no sis... then you go for the bestfriend. 

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65-if the sisters ugly it won't do much help 61-it really is

dude that's seriously fucked up i'd probably shoot Em all and let god work it out

What's wrong with his tattoo?

Oooohh you're deliciously evil. ;)

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maybe she needed a ride and decided to take the back seat. see, no worries :)

77, he's just upset that this FML was written by his dad about his mom :D

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OP, your wife is a dirty, stinkin whore! Consider yourself lucky. The only thing you could have ever gotten out of that marriage, was the clap.

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love ur snake bites

maybe you should fuk him in the ass and see if your wife likes it

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hahahahaha I would tear out the seating if I were you dude.

she already test drove it. sweet, you have made a joint purchase with your wife. one of the keys to a successful marriage.

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they say "you can't turn a ho into a housewife" for a reason, brah.

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You can however, turn a housewife into a ho. I don't know to many people that would want to do that but, just incase someone does, it's possible. I've seen it happen.

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33 is rather hot

ahaha Ari is right I've... nvm but yea cheating whores :X

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Well it is summer. Chris haha!

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I've actually heard of it happening, too. Some guys get off from watching/hearing about their wife fuck other guys & act like a total slut, just so he can have rough sex with her & call her a whore in the bedroom hahaha.

Ari I swear I didn't know she was marrid till after ish. kinda... lol forget :D

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115, yes I've heard of that. Lol, some people thoroughly enjoy watching their significant other have sex with another person. I would personally be beating up whores but, I know some girls like to share.

LMAO @ cloth seats, well said 39.

I like your style! bad ass

65- Great idea, :) fyl op. If your wife cheated on you like that she doesn't deserve you man. There are many other ladies that better.

when you see your wife, ask her where the earrings you made her went, then tell her she should go put them on! she would be likee ohhhh dangg.

hahahahahahaha op i am very sorry

FFML_314 11

Lol, 145 I like how you laugh and follow it with an apology. Nice! I am really curious though, what guy knows how to make earings? One that's straight? I want a guy to make me earings!

haha ydi for having a two-inch dick, op. if you were any good at sex, she wouldn't have needed to get it somewhere else.

that's an awesome tattoo #7

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55 agreed

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Killing spree!!!!!

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That's a very ducked up story, and I can't say I feel your pain man though I'm fairly sure it really sucks. But do you really think you should be telling us this. If I were you I'd be halfway through beating the duck out of that guy as well as getting a divorce and taking everything.

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whoop that trick!! aha .

7- OMFG tit!!!!!!

Hey romskiies, see all these comments berating the cocksucker who did this? Although you are laughing about it, you are that douche! Since you've done the same thing, feel free to read all the comments about the 'friend' as if they were directed at you, personally. Enjoy!

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baseless assumptions again. so your wife has never had a ride in your pals car? she was never trying to put the ear rings on and failed. op you sir have no faith. you should go to the house of the lord and confess. if you don't I hope the almighty lord smites thee with thine hammer of reckoning.

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66, you're kind of a prick : / OP, lmaoo. But that's sad :(

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Meant 61*

ndizzle lmfao 1) I wasn't friends with he husband 2) I didn't know they were married till after the explicit talks we had, that she started 3) she hadn't been faithfully to him since, ever actually 4) you don't know sh*t about said story in my life so please kindly stfu and get your facts straight :D

FFML_314 11

Ndizzle, he's not a douche. *hearts* Chris

oh btw she tried hooking me up with her sister, but changed her mind and wanted to hook herself up, which didn't work several times. you sir are a douche for making assumptions without facts. :D

He didn't make the earrings, he HAD them made. ie, he paid someone to make them. Just pointing that out, since no one else has.

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you guys raped the first comment. and 18 your picture hurts my eyes... like when I made it bigger a sharp pain went through my eyes

i almost spit out my mouthwash all over my keyboard. thanks. |the kid|

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Apparently he isn't really a friend of yours. That sucks.

FMLs like this make me extremely sad. No one deserves wife like that..

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I know right! OP there are tons of women looking for a guy tht would acctually take the time to make heart felt gifts for them and b sweet!

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maybe she let his wife borrow them?

leave the whore and break ur friends knee caps

7. i LOVE your tattoo!.

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oh no!

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in Soviet Russia, car uses you!

Chris brown him for that lol

on the bright side, free earring with your purchase!

hahahah....horrible but so true. Damn.

Your pics hotter

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Well, shit. Looks like we got a psycho over here guys. (76)

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(75) :(

Sometimes you just have to.

she's a cheater

lol I l with yu on that

*gasp* omg really???

Maybe your friend is a crossdresser, and the only person he could confide in is your wife, and she let him borrow a pair of her earrings... ok nah he's probably tongue punching her baby box.

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lol 40, love the expression

Don't jump to conclusions. There may be a perfectly innocent reason it was there. Maybe she loaned the earrings to a friend? Maybe a group of you were in the car and she rode in the backseat?

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How can there be an innocent explanation for this? If my bf made me a special pair of earings I wouldn't let anybody borrow them just because they would mean more to me than any other pair of earings. Then there's the question as to why it was in the back seat. If she was looking at the car and bent over to look in the back it is very unlikely that her earing just happened to fall out. There's only one type of earing that has no clasp to keep in on, but even those earings take some effort to take out.

Actually I've had several pairs of earrings that fall out without me noticing even if I'm just sitting there... and I don't think OP said anything about making those earrings, so I don't know why you're butthurt over that.

Because if there was a group activity, OP would've been invited. And if she just hung out with his friend, she wouldn't have sat in the backseat. Them doing the dirty is actually the most logical explanation. (And yes, OP should talk to her before taking any actions with consequences (just in case), but that ain't the point here. ;))

Sorry #290, I wanted to upvote you and missed the button.

I think that it's likely that the friend had a lady with a similar pair of earrings. You have to buy them somewhere, what stops others from buying too? Plus I find it hard to believe OP memorized every set of earrings his gf has

Well, maybe she did ride in the backseat. More specifically, she might have rode SOMEONE in the backseat...

Or maybe someone else has the exact same earrings

I always wondered why some people who end up in these situations think: Oh no! My wife is cheating! This'll be great on FML! Surely you would confront her first.

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well maybe they just can't right away and they have immediate access to fml for some reason. Maybe an app on an iPhone or iPod. or fml homepage on a computer while the wife still wasn't home. Can't jump to conclusions.

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I agree with 60. I use my droid to get on fml.

#144 I do to its not exactly a crime

situation is as old as world...the only thing can morally helps you is to fuck your best old friend...

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there might be a perfectly good explanation

Or maybe she just gave your friend a bj and it fell off. You never know

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looks like she's got some explaining to do...fyl

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I <3 you! hehe...:P

oogyboogy 6

I <3 EVERYTHING!! yay pink ponies and unicorns!!

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woo!! go 215!!