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Today, I confessed my feelings to the girl I've been in love with for three years. Her response was to well up, start crying, and ask me why I had to have chosen her. FML
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Tell her she is so special, she is the only one worthy :D...or the truth as to why you seek her.

Dump her. Doesn't matter, had sex. You can do better. Aw, I'm sorry. Bitches be crazy. That sucks. There, now that I've gotten those stupid comments out of the way, there's no excuse to repeat ANY of them.


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Context!!! Could be positive or negative!

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True, but it's safe to assume it didn't go in OP's favour. So, condolences all around, OP. Dont give up~.

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I hate when people say "in love with" when they never dated... You mean you have been crushing on them for 3 years?

110- are you saying that love is always mutual? Many of us have crushes that don't feel the same way.. But we're still in love with them, yes?

its pyshcologically proven that a crush only lasts for around 4 months

Byahhh 3

121- I suppose you're right. I looked at it differently when I read that. My mistake.

122: Mine have lasted much longer. It would still be extremely naive of me to call them love.

Tell her she is so special, she is the only one worthy :D...or the truth as to why you seek her.

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say "idk y. it's not like you're super amazing or anything. you aren't (amazing personality traits she doesn't have)" and don't be one bit sarcastic

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Tell her over a course of time. Do not blurtit out all at once!

"bullshitting people" ?? That explains why the world is full of fake people just like yourself.

68- I'm too tall for that. But for some reason I still think you are fake

77-I'm not your friend. My friends are not fake, and little tip for you body; before talking about who's in what level, make sure you are on the right level to be saying that, which you are not. Obviously you just another loser, most likely overweight, right out of high school, no job, no future, so get lost.

#78 it seems you have a lot of anger bottled inside. So much so that you feel the need to try and argue with a random stronger on the Internet. Lol you're a joke

79- put a shirt on, and go do some more butt flexes.

Or he could just tell her "never mind I changed my mind" and walk away

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Be an ass...chicks don't like the nice guys, well until they are cougars and wonder why they didn't chose the nice guy. Tell her how would her best friend feel if you would say that to her. Also ask if she can put in a good word in for you

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There there *hands her a tissue* April fool's

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....that you're not going to finish your sentence.

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It seems every time someone confesses their feelings to someone it never ends up well

Look at the site you are on. If it DID go well, would they be posting it here?

That's why I'm a cynical, alien-hunting bastard.

AuRon, don't be silly. FML is a perfect SRS for the surveying of people's state of living!

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That's not necessarily true. I confessed my feelings to a girl I liked for a while and it turns out she like me back. I guess it depends on the girl.

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More like it seems like when someone confesses their feelings after waiting _______ (enter ridiculous amount of time here) it never ends up well. Don't hold things in people!!

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People don't post success stories on FML

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I confessed my feelings to my best friend and it turns out he's loved me for over 2 years. So it does happen

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It ended up pretty good for Pema and Tenzin Lol #LegendOfKorra

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Sorry you wasted three years on her :c

It really is. He shoulda waited a little but not three years...

It's a shame he didn't tell her sooner. It surely wouldn't have hurt so badly. And by now maybe he would have found someone else.

That's not too bad - it took Dexter an Emma like twenty years!

sorry doesnt bring back those 3years but u girls always have to do that thinking we are too good to have someone like you sigh

some people are worth the wait, you just dont knw wht we go through to confess our feelings

Same thing happened to me. Except for the crying part.

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that isn't necessarily a bad thing... that is unless she's already in a relationship. then its all bad

She asked why he had to choose her because she was embarassed and didn't want to deal with someone who in her opinion "doesn't have a chance". However, the fact that OP was obviously sensitive about it and confessed deep and sincere feelings overwhellmed her an put her in a position she didnt want to be in, causing her to cry. So yes, it is a bad thing.(if it wasn't it wouldn't be an FML)

Perhaps you should've spoken up before now!! 3 years is a long time!!!

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Kind of like that guy who didn't marry his girlfriend for 10 years but then did it after she died in an accident...

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How do you marry someone after they've died in an accident?

Kind of like Jim and Pam from The Office

If that's her reaction, then she's not worth your time. Find somebody else who will want you as much as you want them because the person in the relationship who cares less always has all the power.

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I bet u have all the power, nice

This isn't necessarily true. I told a person this once but it was because he deserved better than me. I didn't want him to love me and take on all my emotional and other problems.

81 - Coming from someone who has heard that same line, and it being one of the few times that line has been said sincerely; nect time remember that we can judge who is and isn't good enough for us, and it was the most stressful few days of my life convincing my girlfriend of that. Yeah, she's a handful, but I couldn't think of any other way to spend my life than to be the one helping her through it all.

*next The one time autocorrect would have been useful it fails me.

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For all we know, the girl could be in a really tough emotional spot. She could have meant more, "why now" rather than "why me," if you're picking up what I'm putting down.

What an insensitive bitch. I'm sorry OP, hopefully she'll come around.

She's not an insensitive bitch. She started crying, how is that insensitive? I don't understand why people think that others are obligated to like them back.

She's insensitive based on the fact that she's crying for herself. She was insensitive to the way he felt and her actions and words prove the bitch part. There are more polite ways to react to news that may upset you. She could have just expressed her lack of interest in a relationship with him without being so overly dramatic.

You don't know that she's crying for herself. She might feel bad for OP, too. And declaring your love for someone is already dramatic, so I don't think reacting dramatically can be overdramatic. This is really late, but I'm in Germany, so meh. :P