By reallythough - 13/04/2013 18:07 - United Kingdom - Bicester

Today, I forgot to log out of my Facebook account before leaving for work. When I got back home, I discovered that my brother had gone through and commented "quack" on all my friend's duckfacing photos. She was not pleased. FML
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Where is the "Your idiot friend deserves it" button?

Cusefan5 6

They deserved for using the ugly ass **** face


Where is the "Your idiot friend deserves it" button?

Cusefan5 6

They deserved for using the ugly ass **** face

Roskosity 22

Who even does that anymore? I thought the infamy killed it.

In his defense, the only cute duckfaces are: Daffy Duck... and that's about it.

What about Daisy, Donald, Huey, Dewey, and Louie?

And well..... what about real ducks?

Ducks are adorable at the park when they are attacking people for bread.

And ducklings? Oh dear god, won't somebody think of the ducklings?

CharresBarkrey 15

What are you attempting to correct exactly?

WeWereWealth7 7

He wrote "ugly ass **** face" in a prior comment and instead of replying to correct himself he just wrote another comment. Wonder if that was auto-correct...? Mine usually does it the other way around, changing "****" to "duck", since apparently cursing is naughty.

ryanmanning 3

He even got more thumbs up for saying **** face than he probably would have for saying duck face

WeWereWealth7 7

Baha, this is probably true

soja_fml 18

FYL, but seriously who wouldn't be tempted to do that? She deserves it.

Hahaha, I would've high-fived your bro. Props to him

mangoboy1 19

Who is she? Also, I like your brother.

Jessj958 19

I was wondering the same thing! The last sentence threw me off a bit. And I have to agree that your brother is pretty awesome. Someone needs to tell them the duck face is not cute, I'm hoping they got the hint. Be more careful on a shared computer OP!

TwoOneFive 11

'Your duck face is so irresistible.'Said no one ever.

Why do girls think that duck faces are somewhat attractive? But your brother is awesome.

Inciter 33

Because some girls are idiots. They think it looks sexy. My fiance and I agree that it makes them look retarded.

I know a lot of girls do it as a joke, not to attract people.

they look like an idiot on purpose as a joke?

Yes, people actually make fun of themselves as a joke all the time....