By reallythough - United Kingdom - Bicester
Today, I forgot to log out of my Facebook account before leaving for work. When I got back home, I discovered that my brother had gone through and commented "quack" on all my friend's duckfacing photos. She was not pleased. FML
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  WeWereWealth7  |  7

He wrote "ugly ass fuck face" in a prior comment and instead of replying to correct himself he just wrote another comment.
Wonder if that was auto-correct...? Mine usually does it the other way around, changing "fuck" to "duck", since apparently cursing is naughty.

  Jessj958  |  19

I was wondering the same thing! The last sentence threw me off a bit.

And I have to agree that your brother is pretty awesome. Someone needs to tell them the duck face is not cute, I'm hoping they got the hint. Be more careful on a shared computer OP!