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  Sir_ND_Pity  |  35

#8: of course, that won't preclude others from causing accidents, but some insurance companies only raise the cost if it was your fault. Defensive driving is still a good thing to learn, no? :)

  lexiieeex3  |  32

I can see what you mean --I thought the same thing, but a lot of driving classes can be similar. It could be as simple as OP taking a class by someone who wasn't on a list of people that were deemed reputable by their insurance company. It could also be a different type of class under the subcategory the insurance company wanted. It could be a myriad of things but I agree, before taking a 30 hour class I would make damn sure I did my research and was in the correct class.

  Rebles  |  15

How is he/she suppose to notice that? I mean between all the sleeping and looking at the phone. I mean who are we kidding those classes are always the same anyway, right?