By FireFarter - 30/08/2017 21:45 - Netherlands - Amsterdam

Today, I suddenly awoke on the couch in the dark early-morning hours to the pungent odor of something burning. I ran all throughout the house looking for a fire but there was no sign of it. Exhausted, I crashed back down on the couch and let one rip. It had been me. FML
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Lobby_Bee 17

This might be the human version of scaring yourself awake with a fart. Dogs do it all the time, humans very seldom do though.

gobiteme2 34

Tell your friends that you have a new meat/fish smoker you want to try out.

Well, you're only a bit of spicy food away from creating a fart rocket. Just be careful where you use your new intestinal superpowers, most people won't appreciate the expanding cloud of foul gas.

You must have had the burnt chicken for dinner last night

What are you eating if your farts smell like a house on fire?