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Today, I went into my classroom to find a bag of shit on my desk with a note saying, "Thanks for failing me b*tch!" FML
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That's disgusting :/ At least you can narrow it down to who failed your class... Not so smart are they :)

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What a shitty situation...

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your face.....your eyes......they stare into my soul :'(

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It's always a shame when the first. commenter has an opportunity to be really funny and witty but instead comes up with the same overused pun.

1, please leave this site. Every comment makes all of us a dumber. I award you a thumb down and may god have mercy on your soul.

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To the person above me: Before you point your "thumb down" or go pointing fingers at others, you might want to make sure that your criticizing comment is free of any critical errors. Hint: It's not. Revise, retry, and repeat until it is.

There is nothing wrong with my comment. Nice try 54.

59, "Every comment makes all of us a dumber".... Try again?

It's more dumb 59/47. Someone's watched a little too much dumb and dumber (ironic)

Erm, no, dumber is the word. Just not a noun (and therefore doesn't need an article). ;P

Why do so many fmls have to do with poop lately?

47- YESSSSSS "I award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul."

That awkward moment when you have more thumbs down than the original comment. (47)

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Good god I wish I had the balls to do the same to the racist sexist teacher that failed me! 3years in a row! F-! The second I get a new teacher strait As

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need a therapist? I'm just a milk man but I'll try my best :') *clicks pen and sits on milk crate*

If it was that serious you couldn't change class or even school? And how were you allowed to go up the years if you failed 3 years in a row?

Yea...... I'm pretty sure that wouldn't have helped. Couldn't you have talked to someone, like another teacher or the headmaster? Maybe others felt the same way?

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12 - In some schools (including mine) you have to fail three or more subjects in order to be held back. If you fail one or more, you're automatically put into summer school. If you don't attend summer school, you're held back for the year.

2- Was he also a narrow-minded ignorant bigot, that only wanted one thing from his female students? Would I be stretching the truth if I said that maybe-hypothetically, If it suits you better-that a teacher failed their students based on...oh, I dunno...GRADES and WORK ABILITY, not because they were filled with all of the -isms you can find in Oxford Dictionary? Would that be too far-fetched? If they were a bad teacher, that's understandable. But sexist and racist? I think you're denying yourself access to reality on that one.

Sexist and racist? lolno. I think you were just an awful student.

For someone with a duckface as their picture, it's safe to guess that it's the student's fault.

You are white. You look like an idiot, especially with your ducklips. I doubt it was the teacher's fault.

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Maybe it was because you can't spell.

Your teacher was a speciesist. S/he gives all ducks Fs.

It seems as If you are one of those people who blame everything and everyone else for your short comings. What makes it worse is you are trying to convince random strangers on FML that you have been swindled out of your "rightful grades" you claim to deserve.

Guys, I hate to be the one to spoil the mood at the witch trial, but plenty of teachers... Aw, screw it. BURN HER!!!

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It was a kissy face not duck face know the difference. And tons of students complained no one did a thing about it. Also, I'm half veitnamese not just white your comment fails there my friend

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If only F- 's were real...

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Dude they are! She freaking gave them to me then when I finally complained enough to get a new teacher I got A+s and it was the same stuff!

It says in your profile you were valedictorian.

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Omg quit being a baby and get over it already Lmaoo @ kissy face excuse ... Wow you really think that makes you look sexy ?? Lmafo!

If people here all thought you were white and not half viet as you say, why do you expect us to believe thats what your teacher picked up on? Also, if you ARE lying, (I'm not saying you are but...) there are actually people who are victims of racism and are affected emotionally and psychically (sp?) by's not something to joke about.

How could you have been a valedictorian if you failed three times?

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I worked very hard after school and got the extra credit I needed plus some. I gave up a year of social life and decent sleep to graduate and for that sakegurl my partner and I send kissy pix every night in that one I happen to like my hair till I got this new one. Seriously go insult the real duck face losers and **** off

Also 12, if she had the same teacher for three years in a row it was probably because she didn't move on.

What happened with communication?:/ Of you're their teacher, you could have talked to the student about their grades, you only did your job probably. But the good news is that student will probably be gone soon :)

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I really don't think it's the teachers job to talk to a student about their grades if they're failing. I think its the student's responsibility to step up and talk to the teacher about it.

What?! Of course it's a teacher's job to talk to students if they're failing. Any half decent teacher employing any vague semblance of pastoral care (or even giving a shit -excuse the pun- about their students) should be talking to failing students.

Maybe OP tried talking to student but the student didn't listen.

Not all teachers talk to theirs students. No big deal.

57- Read the FML properly before you decide to correct others.

Damn, you edited your comment. Curse not being able to edit on the Android! Curses!

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Yep, the student will be gone soon.... Gone to a life if dumping his shit on anybody else who he feels holds him back, instead of his recognizing his own failures. Teachers (most of them) deserve way more credit than they ever receive.

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Well have that shit DNA tested then kill them

That's disgusting :/ At least you can narrow it down to who failed your class... Not so smart are they :)

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Don't know how to punctuate a sentence, do you:) (?)

Oh, look. The pot is calling the kettle black.

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17, in what country is it acceptable to write your English sentence with a question mark in the brackets?

lmao um well thats a different way of dealing with things!! lmao i mean a good teacher gets an apple of his/her desk as where a bad teacher gets well a bag of shit ahhh the creativity of children today!

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or maybe the students just a dumbass who didn't pay attention in class and is now taking the anger out on OP instead of getting it straightened out by trying to pass? :3 just a thought

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Loll wow.. Well now if u keep the failing streak up.. Ull be the one having the last laugh.

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If you know who it is, you might put it on that kid's porch, set on fire, and ring the doorbell.

The awkward moment when there's only one kid failing in the entire class.


One day this kid will look back an probably realize that what you did was for the best. Don't let one student blur your judgement on the rest of your classes.

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