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Today, I was a TA for a history class and the class was taking a test. About halfway through, I noticed one kid had a small piece of paper in his hand. I ran up the row, grabbed his test, and ripped it into four pieces. Then I took the note from him. It said "I believe in you, -Mom." FML
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Jerk! ;] Poor kid..

Shouldn't have been so quick to rip that up...


Jerk! ;] Poor kid..

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Ya, You should have read the note first.

what a heartless ************.. poor kid...

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well that was an ass thing to do! poor kid probably already has esteem issues way to push him over the edge!

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way to go...

ur another douchey sub/teacher. I understand u can't pass notes during tests, but don't rip it up before reading it. the fact you are trying to get sympathy Jere is disguisting

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I'm replying to #1 to get my comment on top. I think this FML is really ****** up, but it's funny!

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OP your an asshole the kid probably already has self esteem issues if his mom has to give notes like that to give him a boost. making a scene about it just makes it worse.

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that's just sad.

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awwww that is so sad D: how heartless, trying to make yerself feel so good by putting someone else down /:

OP u sick **** I bet he told his mom! xS

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#641, maybe he was on a really hard question and about to give up or something like that

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dude your a ******* bitch

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u horrid biatch

you crushed his dreams

this is like another fml but from the kids point of view. but his note said different..

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huge douche much!? why do something like that!? dont tear the damn test up first! read the note. so crude. I bet you're a mean ass teacher too! >:l!

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bad teacher!u probly just made that poor kids self esteem plummet.ydi

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Yeah lol you may have THOUGHT the note said "I believe in you - Mom" But when you were to reflect the little piece of paper into the light at precisely a 47 degree angle, a printed version of the entire test (answers and all) reflects onto the paper. Good Job Detective (:

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641- He probably took it out because he was stuck on something, or losing hope in passing the test.

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WTF. That's why you take the note then the test, not the other way around dumb-ass. Poor kid. Probably was doing good on the test, until you ripped it up. So YOU DESERVE IT dumb **** 

would it have been so hard to read the note?

seriously? could you have not read the note first? jerk.

That's very petty

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awwhh that poor kid... :( you're a horrible person. -__-

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Kids point of view... Today I was taking a really important test for History. I usually don't do well on tests so my mom gave me a nice note to help me saying I believe in you -Mom. I was on a really hard question so I got out the note to help me when some ass comes out of nowhere and rips the test in four pieces. Now i'm depressed. FML

he was trying to stay motivated!

it's still classed as cheating even if he was holding a blank piece of paper. but still poor kid

i doubt that will happen

648- Do you live under a bridge?

ur a dick were u really that excited that u had to run nd then rip it up out of excitement if I was a teacher I would've just said screw nd probably let him cheat not been so excited to find a kid cheating that I have a heart attack

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OP did the right thing. The kid should've known better.

You should give him a make up test for being an asshole

poor kid you asswipe

664- Obviously this person wasn't trying to make themselves feel better. He/she made a mistake and posted it on FML because they feel bad.

How is it considered cheating, if there is no information pertaining to the test? You're an idiot.

He was probably stuck on a hard question and needed reassurance dumbass

641- he's probably stuck on a hard question and needed reassurance dumbass

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925 - I would go more with check to see what question he was up to and give him 100% on all the questions he already did, then let him finish with a makeup test.

Fucking heartless paranoid ass.

Maybe he got stuck and wanted some encouragement?

If he was having trouble on a part of the test, was stressed out about the whole thing in general and was looking at the note to get a boost of confidence to make it through

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WTF, you should have asked for the note first! JACKASS!

What a nice person you must be… -.-

Thats .. A bit to much

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They were only doing their job. A kid looking at a piece of paper in an exam, 99% chance they are trying to cheat.

Lol I like how you have a hello kitty as your profile and you said this. No offense I just find it funny.

@703 You should never tell someone to kill themselves. You never know, they just might.

He was clenching it in his hand so it helps. I've done it before

#1174981 - Wednesday 28 December 2016 08:55 WTF. That's why you take the note then the test, not the other way around dumb-ass. Poor kid. Probably was doing good on the test, until you ripped it up. So YOU DESERVE IT dumb ****. Are you stupid or something. You don't bring out any things during a test. Even though it didn't turn out to be cheating, it could've been. So think next time idiot.

Any thing other than what the exam allows out is wrong and therefore classified as cheating.

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Why? He probably needed/wanted it by him. Not an issue, the OP was in the wrong not the test-taker.

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Wtf is your problem?!

Shouldn't have been so quick to rip that up...

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agreed and who knew there was TA's that took their job that serious haha

look at the note first next time.

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He's not even a real teacher. What a prick.

You are that teacher nobody likes.

Maybe they should of read the note before ripping up the test...

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soul crusher, hahaha

if that bitch did that to me, I would have cussed her out in front of the entire class and made her loom like the dumbass she is

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Wow.... thats reaaaallllly f'd up, you probably shattered his confidence forever o.o

Damn. Poor kid, indeed.

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OP should have asked him or looked at the paper before he ripped his test up. The only person who should be posting an FML in this situation is that poor kid.

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Way to destroy this kid's self confidence OP. I hope you let him retake the test and look at his answers from the test you rudely ripped up. :(

#8, a note from mom probably wont have the answers on it "dear timmy, i believe in you. also, hitler annexed the sudetenland. --love mom"

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hahaaaaa. (: but seriously, you dont rip anything up till you SEE with evidence what was written

This must be the funniest thing i have read in a while, simply because i had my ap euro test and i missed the question about that.

I have to agree with 3! (And not just for rhyming purposes) I hope you've gained something from this. :(

Well now you know what can happen. Maybe they [your university] ought to make it a standard to start with the note, THEN move on to the test if the student was in fact cheating. You have no way of knowing all the possibilities if nobody tells you. Besides, it was only four ways; he can easily copy what he had to a new sheet. Award him or her some extra time at the end to compensate (assuming it happens again) and move on.

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i think ripping the test was a bit too much. you're lucky that wasn't me taking the test. with my connections, i would have had you fired.

i lol'd. you're such an e-thug.