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Today, I was released from jail. I had helped a three year old girl get up after falling on a wet floor at the mall last night when the security guards tasered me. Only this morning did they tell me they had mistaken me for a child molester that looks a little bit like me. FML
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That's today society for you. All males are rapist and all females are goddesses.


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Nah it's not an FML. YDI for helping people.

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I don't know what's worse, getting mistaken for a child molester or the fact they didn't let you out after they found out your name?

@marcychick - What are you talking about? They did release him.

Marcy is saying he should have been released immediately upon discovering that he was not the suspected child molester. You know, like once they realized he didn't have the same name.

And how do you know that that's not the case?

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Because "last night" he was tasered and "this morning" he was told that he wasn't who they thought he was.

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diache, fyl OP that sucks balls.


YDI For trying to help a stranger. If everyone in the world started helping others a lot of gay babies will be born.

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I bet you're curious what this other guy looks like in comparison to you.

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That's today society for you. All males are rapist and all females are goddesses.

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Hmmm, I wonder if the OP got tasered and arrested by male or female cops? If that's how you think.

whats sad about today's society is that some people think like you.

actually 21 he was saying some people think that sooo....

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Goddesses? Are you kidding? **** shaming has never been as bad as today.

you totally deserve it for trying to be nice and help someone lol it never pays to be nice anymore didn't ya know O.o

I'm sure you're aware than every FML has at least one person calling for a lawsuit, regardless of how trivial the offense was. However, OP, if there was ever an FML that called for a lawsuit, it is this one. I mean, even if you had been a serial molester and had a trenchcoat full of candy and dongs, you hadn't done anything at that point that could have justified being shot with a taser, and then detained. Since you said you got out of jail, that means that you were also charged and arrested by the police. I'm curious what the mall ninjas' report to the police was. Even if the charges are dropped, you still need to get your record expunged, unless you want "arrested but not convicted for fiddling toddlers in the mall" to show up on every background check you get from now until the day you die.

I agree - this is a completely legitimate reason to sue. Presumably this was in OP's home town in plain sight of people they would know. Being arrested as a child molester would be an insanely big deal, especially in a small town. People who saw the arrest aren't there to see the release and apology. I'm not a big fan of 'my pizza was delivered cold, so I'm gonna SUE!!11!!', but if ever there was a time to lawyer up, this would be it.

guys have you ever thought that some of these people just fake stories and he could have made this up