By Oriianna Raiinbow - 23/10/2010 06:07 - United States

Today, talking to my boyfriend about each others families, we noticed we both had an aunt with the same name. After a while of trying to figure things out, we decide to call her. Turns out that we are long distance cousins. FML
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Keep it in the family I suppose.

It sounds like you're not related by blood, so I don't see it as that big a deal. From what it seems, one of your parent's sisters married a man whose sibling is your boyfriend's mom or dad. Bizarre situation, but if that's the case, it's hardly incestual.


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Keep it in the family I suppose.

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only first cousins is illegal. nah i'm kidding that's somewhat nasty

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Conceive and name the offspring Incest.

long distance cousins? distance is an expression of length, like a long distance relationship......don't you mean you are distant cousins? people on this site amaze me with their stupidity

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^ Say's the guy who doesn't capitalize correctly...

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lol well you have your cousins and then your first cousins... I love meangirls x]

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this site is becoming less and less about the FML and more about grammar and spelling who gives a shit as long as you can understand the story being told

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what's a long distance cousin? LOL. anyway, as long as you're not blood (if you're cousins thru marriage) it's cool. otherwise ick.

...says the guy who neither capitalizes properly, nor uses apostrophes correctly.

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Says the guy who didn't capitalize at all.

Actually his capitalisation was right; only use of apostrophe's were wrong.

43 - In addition to everything else other people have said, you used way too many periods to indicate a pause in your sentence.

big deal... somehow we're all related... if he were your first cousin I would understand but long distant?? who cares...

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correct my grammer. its you're job,

Everyone in the world us is everyones 10th cousin.

75: I'm going to give you the BOTD by assuming you're being wry. ;)

RedPillSucks 31

great. That means you can get married.

haahaha agreed

ummm no cause they probably wouldn't be dating if they didn't live close to each other... AND IM NOT USING CAPS!!! :P

insect!!!!! oh no it's incest. dont worry op down syndrome doesn't occur 100%

Incest.. run... away. Very far away.

this happened to one of my friends, he accidentally dated his 2nd cousin

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sloppyflow- Put your ass away. :] 75- You didn't use apostrophes correctly either. Lmfao.

#43, shut the FUCK up you asshole, no shit they're distant cousins! You can use length if it fits that context, you ******* asshole! Some people are more distantly related to one person than another. It makes absolute PERFECT sense that she could say "long distant" cousins, and that's what she did? The FUCK made you think you can get on your high horse and act all elitist, you ******* ******?!

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Wow, that was just plain awesome XD I love it when things like this happen on FML. OP - look at it this way. At least you found out now. There was an entire show dedicated to married couples who discovered they were related. One couple discovered they were BROTHER AND SISTER seperated at birth. Don't feel so bad now huh? Unless you DON'T enjoy the misery of others, you weird person you.

It's not considered incest if they're further apart than 1st cousins. In fact, 1st cousins are legal in most places outside the U.S. and even in parts of the U.S.

slammin yhur cousin? nott chill

This would never happen in a brown family!

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Lol. Your use was incorrect 75.

You know you're a redneck when...

93 - "Correct my grammar. It's your job."

Says not say's

YDI for having hair

ive been in that situation b4, i feel yah

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Incest for the win!

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I'm sure your parents were too.

I'm a single child and all, and only have guy cousins, so I don't rly understand the "horrors" of incest. as I learned it only increases the chances of passing on a certain allele?....bro-sis I could see that's wierd in todays society cuz ur close and all, but if the two never even knew's it bad?

when considering the social norm its considered taboo. on a biological level it increases the chance for the child concieved between the two to have health problems or even a mal proportioned body or disfigured physical appearence to being autistic or lower iq. other than that its not really such a problem

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it's all in the family

stays together

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long distance cousin is fine. you two keep dating.

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so I can date my cousins that live far away??? really u sick f uck!

197-stop being a dumbass.

4 words. Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.

I got a feeling I've heard those names before

It sounds like you're not related by blood, so I don't see it as that big a deal. From what it seems, one of your parent's sisters married a man whose sibling is your boyfriend's mom or dad. Bizarre situation, but if that's the case, it's hardly incestual.

you lost me lol

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This doesn't make alot of sense.

in my country/religion its ok to marry ur own cousin:p

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It could be an aunt that isn't related by blood. Long distance would imply that his aunt married one of her uncles, or something similar to that. Which would not make them blood related.

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I think she's saying like say your mom's sister (your aunt) married someone else, and that aunt's husband had a sister or brother who had a kid (who in this case would be the boyfriend). There wouldn't be a blood link at all. But we don't know if that's the situation

It's not that confusing. Say the original poster is Mary and her boyfriend is John. Mary's dad has a sister named Jennifer. Jennifer marries Paul. Paul's brother is John's dad. Jennifer is the aunt of both Mary and John, but Mary and John are not related by blood. She's Mary's aunt by blood relation (Mary > Mary's dad > Mary's dad's sister), but she's not related by blood to John (John > John's dad > John's dad's brother > John's dad brother is married to Mary). Jennifer is still considered John's aunt, despite being only related through marriage. So you can't have a mutual blood-related aunt and not be blood-related, but you can have, generally speaking, a mutual aunt and not be blood-related, which is what the original poster was (presumably) stating.

if they're both calling her aunt then at least one of each of their parents are siblings to said aunt.. long distance might just mean the parents had a falling out or lost contact, they would be first cousins..

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my grandparents are cousins

Country and religion are two different things.

Um... No? My sisters kids call my husband uncle, as well as his brother. Thats normal.

If grandparents had a kid (let's say Jane) and then got remarried and both had other children, then grandma's grandkids have aunt Jane and granpa's grandkids have aunt Jane but those kids are not blood related at all.

*thinking* the children will be mutants. I hope they have Michelangelo, turtles FTW :D

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It's totally cool :)

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just move to northern canada and it will be normal... *flameshield*

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or alabama

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or Arkansas

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Don't forget West Virginia

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dam your really cute.

Don't you mean Arkansas?

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or kentucky(i forgot:()

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how bout Utah!?!

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ty u too.. and reznor is the man.