By Anonymous - / Tuesday 9 September 2014 16:47 / United States - Miami
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By  mastamouse  |  12

Someone's got daddy issues

  CallMeWindSock  |  24

That's not completely true, 27. The absence of a father or father figure can make a huge difference in any person's life, so even if someone never knew their father, they would still lack the experiences you gather from having one, which causes "daddy issues".

  sunnyray812  |  42

#1 Having "daddy issues" is not something to poke fun at. Many people do, but they fail to understand how heartbreaking it would be to be without a father or for the father to be abusive. I'm lucky my dad has been around, but I'd never make fun of those who do have "daddy issues." It's not right.

  PoisonOrchid  |  21

Agreed. It's really hard as a child not knowing your parent. You always wonder, but sometimes it's honestly for the best. Sounds like OP is better off without her father, as hard as that is to accept.

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