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Today, I caught my mother attempting to write a $1400 cheque. To whom? The proprietor of a "Christian charity fund" with whom she had been having Internet conversations. The proprietor's name, and that on the cheque, was "Herp McDerpington". FML
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  kelissa_fml  |  16

Same thing happened to me. Except with less $. My mom was gonna send $30 to some dude who said he would send her a cd of some sort. He said his name was remmacs. Read that backwards...

  karatecorb  |  3

Your not funny

  tabarnak_fml  |  7

I so agree with you 35. He's annoying as fuck

  Meowingtons500  |  18

Don't worry Perdix. This was only the 8th comment of the "Karate" and judging from the lovely picture Tab has, he/she finds toddlers playing with sex toys entertaining. They don't seem like people that we should trust the opinions of.


I never got noticed by Perdix before, Then I took an arrow to the knee. Now I'm In FML heaven where our heavenly father, "Perdix" is what you mortals call him, Comments on only the most worthy FML's! REPENT! REPENT! PERDIX IS COMING TO STEAL ALL YOUR THUMBS UPS!!

....Too much kiss ass?

  KaySL  |  24

You don't, but others do. Case closed, right?

That said, ass-kissers or groupies of any kind are annoying as hell, even the few that I've gotten.

  Eiregal2  |  10

Someone please explain all this arrow in the knee thing please? Is it an american thing? Cause here in Ireland never is a reference made. Thanking you for reading and +1 for answering.

  Iamaninchworm  |  0

99- its a reference to the guards in elder scrolls 5 skyrim. They have a reiterating dialogue which occaisonally say "i use to be an adventurer like you, but then i took an arrow in the knee." or somwthing along the lines. No it isnt just in the US Skyrim being one of the best games ever it is famous everywhere. Learn your facts bro.

  downtime  |  12

6, To what extent do you think this should be done? Should we also be scrutinising the registered charities? Following the money all the way to the final destination? People don't have the time for that shit, some of us have jobs.
Simply donating only to trusted sources and those who you actually have physical contact with should eliminate most issues. Anything beyond that is just time that could be better spent elsewhere.


you can deposit it into an account as a "for deposit only" & they don't check ID's... so the person who is "Herp" could write that on the back of the check and into the account it goes....