By Anonymous - 06/12/2015 15:36 - United States - Saint Cloud

Today, I found out that the $200 I reluctantly gave to my mother so she could rent a house was paid to a scammer. Now she wants to live with me, in my one bedroom apartment. FML
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Sorry about your mom's stupid mistake OP, but you can't kick out your own mom right? Hope you explained everything to her so that she won't make the same mistake twice...

The dad who mailed $200 to the wrong address should guest star in this sitcom.


I feel you OP. But at least she'll keep the place tidy and nice with her mom-cleaning abilities.

$200? Where do you live where rent is that low

They live in Nigeria.

Probably a deposit.

Railroader 16

I don't know why people are down voting #4, its a funny joke referencing the Nigerian prince scams.

Sometimes I don't understand why people downvote comments

mostly in Florida but my guess is it goes by the income

This must be a sitcom somewhere.

The dad who mailed $200 to the wrong address should guest star in this sitcom.

At least it wasn't for other activities (;

Sorry about your mom's stupid mistake OP, but you can't kick out your own mom right? Hope you explained everything to her so that she won't make the same mistake twice...

While OP can't really kick their mom out, they also can't let her move in to begin with since it's a 1 bedroom flat.

#12 FYmothersL

Yes, you can kick out your own mother. You can also put your foot down about allowing her to move in before eviction becomes a necessity. I know from harsh personal experience, OP, that saying no nicely but firmly is absolutely the right thing to do for your sanity.

JustinJK 21

I don't understand how parents can be this dysfunctional. My mom is a disaster, so I cut ties with her. Thankfully my father is a functioning adult who owns his own home and doesn't have to borrow money from me. So I really disagree with you #6. OP should put their foot down or it'll keep happening.

BrailynRaylynn 22

I would have no problem. It's her stupidity that screwed them both over. Make her figure it out herself!

Haha some of you guys seem pretty upset with the OP's mom. I mean u're right but I grew up in a society (I'm from Sri Lanka btw) where parents mean much more to their kids than in most of the western cultures. Prolly cause here they don't just give up on their kids as soon as they're 18 (They'll even spoil their 30 year old married child if they can! :P). Families are a really tight circle and no one would throw out their mother just coz she made a mistake and doesn't have a place to stay... But you know, that's just my opinion. Cheers :D

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@56 the thing is that a lot of times parents aren't good parents to their kids and were only useful in creating a child not caring for one.

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Scammers are the worst. Especially those who use the dead or they dying to make their money. Special place in hell for their lot.

Was the scammer a nigerian prince? I just transfered 30.000 Euro to him so he would give me his fortune, I cross my fingers.

Don't do it Fatigue. I want to see the prince crying.

Unfortunately, probably not. These scammers often use burner emails and phone numbers as well as offshore accounts that are usually untraceable. That money is gone. Tough lesson to learn, but the mother needs to get educated on recognizing potential scams. Those people, as terrible as they are, only stay in business because people keep sending them money.

she's your mom, if she needs help don't complain at least don't make her homeless.

MonstreBelle 28

OP has already tried to help her by giving her $200 so that she wouldn't be homeless. OP has every right to be upset that their hard earned money was given to a scammer with no way to get it back. OP and their mom may not have a good relationship. It's not OP's job to take responsibility for their mom's mistake and bear the brunt of the consequences. Being upset and complaining about the situation their mom has put them in doesn't mean they hate her or that they are a bad person. Neither would deciding to not allow their mom to move in. If it was me, I would help my mom until she got back on her feet. But we have a good relationship and living together wouldn't cause problems. Unfortunately, not every kid has that kind of relationship with their parent

1jordan1 11

I agree. I mean we don't know the situation with the ops mom and their relationship, but she's your mom. she raised you, fed you, and clothed you for years and now when she asks for some help you have to give it reluctantly?

How old is your mom, OP? You might want to make sure she's mentally capable of living on her own before helping her find another place. Dementia can strike earlier than you think. Also, even if the authorities can't do anything about the situation, reporting it still helps others from becoming a victim. Good luck to you and your mom!

Or she's just uneducated on scammers.