By Labro9 - 23/10/2016 08:20

Today, as I was transcribing my manager's recorded orated memo, I heard an unmistakable grunt and splash of an impromptu "bathroom deposit." It seems like my manager is maximizing his time like never before. FML
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That sounds like a really shitty situation

That pun is REALLY getting old and is VERY annoying. Please stop.

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I think it's funny but, then again, I love puns, even if they're overused. Also, it's pointless to get so butthurt (pun actually NOT intended) about the same old shit (pun slightly intended) on a website like FML - just saying.

#2 - don't you know it is FML tradition to contribute one of these puns to all poop-related FMLs?

I hope you got that, it was the most important part of the memo! "On the importance of saving time"

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I do dictation for my father, who is a doctor, and I still have yet to deal with this.

Thats when you write in the transcript "Shit happens"

I think it's unreasonable to expect an employee to listen to you poop. If he does it again, I would try to record the conversation and keep it as blackmail material. Not for money, just in case you want to quit with a splash.

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Except there's no conversation about it. OP is transcribing their bosses notes and their boss is likely not in the room while OP is doing so. Yes, it is unprofessional of their boss to not pause the recording if they know they're activities while their speaking into a recorder will make noise instead of being silent and, yeah, it is unprofessional in general, noise or not, but, either way, blackmail or going so far to record a conversation about it or your idea in general is unresonable. If OP is really that uncomfortable with it, then they should have an uncomfortable conversation with their boss and ask them to maybe not record their thoughts while they use the restroom. Talk to them about it first or, if you think a conversation about it would be too uncomfortable and may end poorly for you, then just ignore it and act like you don't know a thing about it.

Make your boss a shit sandwich and tell him eat it next time you see him.