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  Remegy  |  3

"Oh hai Lisa. Ees not actually me, but my twin brother Mark. I did not cheat on you, I did nawt!"

I know I know, the plot of that movie is almost the exact opposite.

  Iheartfunny  |  1

A for creativity but hes gonna have to practice that accent.

Maybe an english one there easier to pull of and much more believable if they work.

Sadly all togethar preformance was unsatisfactory. tsk tsk the youth of today

  Iheartfunny  |  1

but seriously op that sucks but keep in mind there might be the slim possiblity that your boyfriend actually does have a long lost twin with a funny accent. Not likely though

  jmtmxer  |  0

Today, my girlfriend broke up with me because she thought I was cheating on her.She won't believe me when I told her It was my twin brother that I've recently just met who lives in Europe. FML