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Today, my boyfriend of a year decided to confess to me that almost everything he has told me in our relationship has been a lie. This includes telling me that he was single when we first met, telling me that he loved me, and telling me that I was beautiful. FML
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Why? Who would go through all the hassle of a year-long relationship for nothing?

....AND WHY ARE YOU TWO TOGETHER??? I mean if he has someone else and doesn't think you're beautiful or even loves you

@ 12 There could be various reasons why the guy stuck with the OP for so long, like money, sex, or like that one FML, tattoos. >>;

I hate everyone in this reply line, just replying to get higher in comments. Pathetic. Just go back to cutting in front of children in lines.

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19 so you hate yourself because you replied here too

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yeah but they were replying to the other people, not just making a random comment to get on top

Man, that's 1000 ways to lie forreal. I feel for you OP, that guy is givin us males a bad rep.

OP I am soooo sorry. My feelings go out for you. the first guy I fell in love with, I had we had feelings for eachother for ab two years but had a commitmet to eachother for a year, he lied to e about practically everything. That he loved me, his AGE even (told me he was 4 years older than me, really was 2, I found out 3 years later..), that he's been single since he liked me, that he hasn't been with girls since he likes me, and more.  he is such an asshole for telling you after a year. he is really inconsiderate, it'll take you a while to get other this, just hang through. (that is if you broke up with him, I hope you did) as for him lying about you being beautfiul, he is really an asshole even more, don't think you're not because of what he said.  best if luck. 

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mfmylife, suddenly your user name makes sense. prayers (and a date offer. lol) go out to you too.

hahaha thanks 77. my username was supposed to be fmylifesrsly without the M but my damn iPod touch put the m in it now it looks stupid -_- haha that was over 2 years ago though (the relationship) I'm over him now and have had ther guys, that I am now trying to get over. haha

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I had a boyfriend like that. He was a dickhole!! He then decided to tell me 2 years later, that "I was always a game to him" FOL(F**k Our Lives)

trust me, it has more style wit the m lol. and i have a feeling you got over it by setting his car on fire.

haha oh no I couldn't he lived in another state. however, me and my bestie are thinking of ******* up one of my recent ex's cars (it's like an expensive ass car only 2000 of them in the world) I'm looking forward to it...hehe

ppl still commenting here, pathetic. fml ******* needs to put a show/hide comments feature to get rid of bastars like you guys. ps ironically enough, i HAD to post here for ppl to see, thats how bad off it is so fy

97 wow no one fricken cares. shut up and stop complaining. let people post wherever they want.

you must revenge!!!!! poison him, or pay bums to defecate

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Guess you'll never know the real reason he was really with you then. Him being a liar and all, makes it kind of hard to believe anything that he would say at this point. OP, hopefully you just walked. What a jerk!

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97 do you need some midol? is your flow heavy because you seem like you're on your period just like my brother

why did he stay with you for a year then?

Honestly #19 shut the hell up. There was nothing wrong with their comments. As for OP I know how you feel. I had a girl date me only to win a bet with her friends. Lucky for me I found someone a lot better. :D

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hahahah uhm wow he isn't worth it

Then toss him in the sewer, and introduce him to a giant fish. Then warn the Russians. Like a boss.

you mean 'bomb' the Russians. lyricsfail

normally I do not condone the chopping of nuts but in this case I can certainly make an exception

Well, than why did he dated you, if he thought you are not beautiful? He's stupid... he isn't worth the pain ;) Move on... but well, FYL :-)

well that sucks but whatever. better now that later on when shit actually is serious

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do people just wait till an FML is posted just to say " first " ? wow . anyways that wasn't very smart of him , in my opinion it would of been less painful if he just bike up with you. But at least he told the truth now and you guys can build of the relationship from there ( if its not already ruined )

I know right that effin spell check is so annoying

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its easy to turn off in your settings

Why did she get alot more of ydi's? ): I think that's horrible .. Chin up girl (:

She deserves it for being born. She deserves it for having a BF. She deserves it for not knowing. She deserves it for not being beautiful to the BF. Those may be some reasons applied to the votes. Unfortunately logic is not needed to cast a vote :D FYL OP, better finding out now then further down the line.