By Anna - 02/07/2009 13:31 - United States

Today, I called back a number I recently missed a call from. To my surprise, it was the number of my boyfriend's fiancé. I've been with him 4 years, he's been with her for 6. Turns out, not only is he a cheating jerk, but technically I'M the other woman. FML
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You're pretty close though. Your boyfriend is really good at cheating. I'd review all past board game results.


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I'm going to reply to the first post to get my comment on the top, even though my comment has nothing to do with the first one!

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I agree how nieve do you have to be to not realize that he had a whole nother relationship going on? YDI sorry but 4 years and you never once had a clue? Come on

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Well, that's stupid reasoning, because the other woman obviously didn't know that she was being cheated on for four years. So don't judge, because you obviously don't know shit about it.

Kyothine, if you're going to reply to the first comment, at least try to make a comment that's relevant to the OP's statement. My statement is valid because it's attacking Kyothine's. And before anyone chastises me, I know what the situation was. It's fun to troll sometimes.

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what kind of idiot are you springbirder2? ffs

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WHY is this an FML???? This is an FHL for shizzle. Look, her life is ten times more ******. She was engaged with him, you weren't; they were together for 6 years, you were with him for 4. Quit complaining. Look on the bright side-- at least you weren't her.

That's a load of shit. Maybe it's slightly worse for the fiancee, but both the OP and the fiancee got screwed over, and both of them have ****** lives. And yeah, people who cheat a lot do either get very skilled, or very careless (which is when they get caught). I mean, you don't have 24-hour surveillance on your partner, so you really won't have any idea what they're doing most of the time. It's not OP's fault she didn't know her boyfriend was cheating all this time! He's clearly a very proficient cheater, as he fooled his fiancee too! I hate cheaters. All these stories you hear about cheaters make you damn paranoid

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I agree completely, lol I'd rather be the other woman than the woman that's being cheated on

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i agree with divineinstrument. same thing happened to one of my best friends, except (thankfully) their relationship wasn't as long. her ex went out with her for 2 years, and he went out with ANOTHER girl 2 months after that and didn't tell either one. she wanted to get engaged and even dropped hints, but he told her he wasn't ready yet and proposed to the other girl. when both of them eventually found out, my friend was devastated and it took her several months to get over him. it doesn't matter who was engaged and who dated the cheating bugger for longer. in the end, both girls are crushed and betrayed and it hurts.

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for real.... this happened to me last year except i was the fiance. dudes a douchebag. i feel for you, hon.

wow.. tat must SUCK! but that dude must be like.. a legend or something. being able to juggle 2 relationships for multiple years

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More like F HIS L. He had a nice thing going on two chicks for THAT long? He deserves a medal, for going 4 years and cheating.

Humorizer, your an idiot. He was making the point people just reply to the first message to get theirs seen.

Did he alternate spending the night? How the **** does that work?

It should have been easy for him to get caught, actually. He was engaged and had a 4 year side relationship. He was either alternating sleeping at his fiance's and girlfriend's houses/apartments or claiming he was spending the night at his own place. I', assuming he had his own place because he couldn't live with either of the women otherwise the other one wouldn't be able to come over ever. What I don't get, though, is if he has his own place, neither of the women went they? He was with both of them for multiple years, so I would assume each had to have a few things at his place [clothes, toothbrush, make-up, etc], yet neither of the women noticed this stuff? If they never went to his place, then that's even more suspicious. Either way, this guy is the definition of a scumbag.

you put the stars around the wrong word.

well it's true. they have been together for 6 years and you have only been with him for four years

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wow 4 years?!?!!!?!?! what will you do

24 - "Nother" is not a word, nor is "a whole nother" a correct phrase. It's like taking "another" and sticking a whole (pun intended) in it.

Can you really call her the "other woman" if she was clueless as well? :/ I mean yes she realizes she was the one cheated with, but technically she was cheated on as well.

To those asking about spending the nights etc. A similar thing happened to a friend of mine. One was in Melbourne (the longest relationship) and the other in Perth. He moved in with them shortly after he started dating them. He also told his Perth girlfriend he was a fifo (fly in fly out) on a 1/3 roster, so for the 3 weeks he was meant to be at work he would be in Melbourne with his long term girlfriend and the one he "had off" he'd be with his Perth girlfriend. He actually worked a rotating roster in Melbourne and told his girlfriend he was going to look after his "sick grandmother" once a month in Perth

You're pretty close though. Your boyfriend is really good at cheating. I'd review all past board game results.

That's 87,600 minutes dumbass. So what do u deserve for being played like a math-illiterate trick??

Actually, it's 2,102,400. 1460 days times 24 hours in a day times 60 minutes in an hour.

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Haha...I love that ninety3 and ImaBmyLonurTees can't do simple math...but smiller0789, technically its 1461x24x60=2,103,840 minutes. Don't forget about leap year!

She didn't know he was a jerk. But now that she DOES know, she and his fiancé should dump him.

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this makes ZERO sense. the type of guys that pull this kind of shit are exactly the type of guys you would NEVER think would do it. dudes are scumbags. they'd never do ANYTHING to upset you and cause you to do something that could possibly lead to discover his dirty little secret.

*claps* for #58 I’m glad somebody caught that, the idiots before you are not only incapable of doing simple math, but also don’t realize that 1 year is actually 365.25 days. This is why every 4 years we add one extra day to that year.

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*claps* for the nerds getting caught up about math.

Nerds > Jocks. Anyway, yeah, that sucks massively. The guy's obviously a huge asshole, and will die alone. I hope you and the (hopefully ex-) fiance move on and find the true loves of your lives.

Lol yeah he's obviously a great liar. He should be a politician. And I'm Lol-ing at the board game comment not the fact that ur bf has been cheating on two women for at least 4 years. Maybe he has more girlfriends. Didn't either of u meet his family? Are they in on this conspiracy?

yeah he must be really skilled, i wish i was as good at anything as he is at cheating. like, i could come up with a plan but i could never cary it out with enough precision.

I would love it if his elderly parents were in on it. Maybe his dad will still give him high fives whenever either of them left. Ask questions about what it's like, and just generally cheer his son on.

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that indeed would be awesome if the parents were in on it

4 years ?! How can you not know ? Or even suspect ?

@26 - Um, not. You dick. So the guy's good at hiding it, that doesn't mean she's an idiot.

Just out do her in all of the other places like sex n he will dump her n take u up

Yes, because that'll heal all the pain and make him a better person... Oh, wait..

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wow good way to find out right?

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Reminds me of a guy I once dated...except he had a fiance and about 4 others on the side. The fiance had no clue.

How the hell did he manage that one? Crap...

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He was awesome at lying and had his friends cover for him.

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that makes his friends jerks too, doesn't it?

whoa... i hope he gets what he deserves: being dumped by both of you!

i really wonder how guys can pull something that big off

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Just leave him, you don't wanna be those women that take other peoples boyfriends/girlfriends, do you? Or hopefully, both of you dump him so he learns his lesson.