By wooed - 03/12/2009 03:15 - United States

Today, I found out that my boyfriend of 2 months has been faking his southern accent. FML
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Hey, gotta hand it to him for fooling you for two months.


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Exactly, your life is screwed because your boyfriend fake an accent?

I think you're taking the whole '**** my life' bit too seriously.

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YDI for dating a guy with a southern accent

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because it would be embarassing to have a boyfriend that fakes an accent, if you think this is normal then you probably fake accents too weirdo

This is not an FML, unless you're too much of a drama queen.. This, to me, is more of an MLIA.. Duh

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I'd be so relieved if the southern accent wasnt real I'm sorry but I just really hate those accents

What's wrong with faking accents? Guranteed way to bring women!

I don't get why he'd be faking a southern accent? YDI, for chosing a weirdo. But I still don't think this is much of an FML moment Just a "I'm an idiot" moment for chosing him.

it's not really average to fake an accent for over two months seeing as she had to get to know him as well as date him. so no, not mlia material. fml for sure.

given another month it'll stick as a full-fledged habit. eventually, it'll be natural and he won't think about it. i emphasised my lisp and the way i slur "r"s for a while to bug a friend and now i can't stop.

loony. confront him and see if he has a good reason for faking it.

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you are rude for that. not all of the south is bad. I have a VERY thick sothern accent. moms from north Carolina dads from new York, there is not a whole lot I can do to change my accent. so don't dog on us asshole.

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Shut up city boy I'm a redneck and I am PROUD of it! I got a accent and Iove it! I say y'all I say I reckon. I'm not a proper know it all like you!

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wow really..... dumb city boy

151 yeah and your ugly, fat and retarded no matter what your imaginary friends tell you. Ok, sorry, I had to do my daily trolling. Anyway, yeah, I don't see any problem with a southern accent at all. Who cares? (and after reading your bio I don't feel bad at all)

Lol new yorker and carolnian accents mixed

Of all the accents to fake, why fake retard, I mean southern.

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You are a bitch! Go talk about "southerns" somewhere else!

It's cool our economy is great lol. n Texas the last 10 years we've created 750 thousand jobs while the rest of the country has lost 2.2 million. Who's stupid now?

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You can create jobs and lose them at the same time. Nebraska has gained plenty of jobs but we've also lost plenty.

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Some of my family is from the south...but this was funny

169, are you also the racist who says "it's cool I have black friends", too?

Funny. I actually have a very, very subtle southern accent. It mostly peeks when I'm near other hicks or very relaxed.

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I can totally see how it's an FML. But it's not that bad, really. You either move on or you don't.

Hey, gotta hand it to him for fooling you for two months.

just watched A Time to Kill yesterday with McConaughey... maybe he wanted to be as "cool" as him to get you in bed. Too bad he fell for you.