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  awesomemegan  |  0

I don't get why he'd be faking a southern accent?
YDI, for chosing a weirdo.

But I still don't think this is much of an FML moment
Just a "I'm an idiot" moment for chosing him.

  Grimmerie  |  31

given another month it'll stick as a full-fledged habit. eventually, it'll be natural and he won't think about it.
i emphasised my lisp and the way i slur "r"s for a while to bug a friend and now i can't stop.

  The_Big_Mac  |  7

you are rude for that. not all of the south is bad. I have a VERY thick sothern accent. moms from north Carolina dads from new York, there is not a whole lot I can do to change my accent. so don't dog on us asshole.

  toqwert  |  0

151 yeah and your ugly, fat and retarded no matter what your imaginary friends tell you. Ok, sorry, I had to do my daily trolling. Anyway, yeah, I don't see any problem with a southern accent at all. Who cares?
(and after reading your bio I don't feel bad at all)

  mtpadgett10  |  1

It's cool our economy is great lol. n Texas the last 10 years we've created 750 thousand jobs while the rest of the country has lost 2.2 million. Who's stupid now?