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Today, I caught my boyfriend cheating on me. He didn't break down into tears, or say he'd made a huge mistake, or even apologise. No, he just looked up and said "Bugger." FML
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Honestly, would you rather him lie to you if he isn't the least bit remorseful?

Even if he had apologized, more often than not they're only sorry they got caught; not sorry for being douchewaffles.


Sounds like you're better off with out him

Honestly, would you rather him lie to you if he isn't the least bit remorseful?

I don't get this comment. Can someone explain?

#19 - Rather than waste time on somebody who is disingenuous, she knows he doesn't care about her and can move on.

What don't you get? She's asking the OP whether she (or he) would rather their cheating partner lie and say they're sorry, or tell the indicate that he's not really all that sorry by saying "bugger" when caught.

I don't know about you but it'd hurt a hell of a lot less thinking someone actually cared rather than feeling used and worthless

I think that would make me feel worse. Imagine you're in love and you think everything is going splendidly, come to find out he's cheating and when caught he tells you how much he loves you and he's sorry. You want to know what that says? "I love you, but it's still not enough to keep me being faithful to you." I would rather the bandaid just be ripped off and be done with it.

Not to mention also saying that nothing you could do would ever be good enough to keep them committed, and no matter how hard you try it's just going to be an "I'm sorry and I love you." Can you imagine dealing with that knowledge and emotional trauma every time you saw him or thought of him? At least with a "Bugger," there's no lasting emotional backlash. He's just a dick and you're happy to be rid of him rather than trying to think of ways you could have been better, or tried harder, or any number of things you could have done to change the situation. Sorry I didn't get that all in one reply, but you know how retorts go sometimes. You don't always think of everything all at once.

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lol true though id hate to see my gf cheat on me. then again i guess id rather know if im being cheated on... it would suck to find out either way.

Thanks :) My English is weak that's why I asked.

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This would be one of those times where the cliche "I hope you mean ex-boyfriend" is appropriate.

Guessing so since her user name is "single and unbuggered"

Sounds like you're bugger off without him.

Even if he had apologized, more often than not they're only sorry they got caught; not sorry for being douchewaffles.

I think its the thrill of doing something you know you're not supposed to do and thinking you're gonna get away with it. Its the same reason why people steal things, have sex in public, or do any of the stupid things that they do. I personally could never cheat on my boyfriend, I love him too much and I know how it feels to be cheated on, its not fun.

8, that happens when people try to think with their genitals instead with their brain.

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And people also cheat cuz the relationship they are in doesn't satisfy them. And some people feel it is easier to cheat than talk it out. But what most people don't realize and this does not apply to op relationship with her boyfriend but if someone cheats while they are married, most people jump to divorce within five seconds and don't realize that sometimes talking it out makes the marriage so much stronger.

So, got a lot of personal experience with cheating like that, 35? The kind of person who's willing to break their spouse's trust and endanger them so selfishly isn't the kind of person I'd want to stay in a marriage with. I've watched spousal cheating break apart three families and countless non-married relationships; at this point, I don't ever blame their partner for not wanting to give one more second of their time to a shitty, damaging loser.

I think it is almost better be react that way. He is being honest instead of lying to you. He is the most honest cheat I have ever heard of.

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From what I read, it's used to express annoyance. As a verb it apparently means to penetrate someone's anus.