By LexiD19 - United States - Fort Mill
Today, on my second day at my new job, a customer called my manager with a complaint about me. He said I put the cheese "upside down" on his sandwich, and that made it taste bad. FML
LexiD19 tells us more :
Hey, OP here! I just started working at Subway a few days ago, so my manager is still training me on the "ways of being a sandwich artist." While making this man's sandwich, I put the cheese longest side facing each other in order to cover all the meat evenly. Well, a few hours later, my manager gets a call from the same man complaining about the cheese being "upside down." My manager thought the whole situation was hilarious and enjoyed telling all of the employees the story. She assured me I didn't do anything wrong and I've been doing great the past few days.
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  devildog562  |  33

He probably put the cheese at the bottom. It fucks up the molecular structure of the burger and instantly makes it taste like a vile turd . Duh ! Some Poole seriously need to fall into social Darwinism and die off without the opportunity to breed multiple and adapt....


I worked in the service industry for five years. It was so rare to get a complement that the one time it did happen the company bought the entire staff a massive lunch as a congratulations. If everything is perfect, no one says anything. If the tiniest thing is wrong they will bitch until their head explodes

  MrSassypants  |  32

That's why, if you look closely at the plastic wrapped around the cheese single, in super microscopic letters it says "WARNING: DO NOT PUT UPSIDE DOWN ON SANDWICHES. IT WILL RUIN IT."

It should really be bigger in my opinion, so stuff like OP's situation would not happen.