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Today, I caught my boyfriend cheating on his final exam. I confronted him after class by jokingly asking, "If you cheated on a test, would you cheat on me?" Turns out that yes, yes he would, and he did. FML
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Good thing you phrased the question like that then. You deserve to know.


Good thing you phrased the question like that then. You deserve to know.

rat him out because he obviously doesn't deserve you.

I get that cheating on someone is one of the worst things you could do to your partner, but all these people who go crazy and make their lives revolve around ruining the life of the person who cheated on them typically end up doing stuff that makes them no better than the cheater. If you want to get back at someone who did something wrong, then that's perfectly fine (such as ratting them out for cheating on a test), so long as you don't go overboard or become obsessed with ruining their life.

Good thing you found out now and not later. He doesn't deserve you and you deserve so much better than him OP!

Dump his ass, OP. You don't need a cheating man

Where the hell do ppl like that come from and how were they brought up exactly ? He definitely doesn't deserve OP

Is cheating on a test and cheating on your significant other within the same ball park? I could see myself cheating on a test but never on anyone while in a relationship. Like asking, if you like running so much for exercise, why don't you run for President? Same word, different meanings.

Cheating on a test and cheating on a partner both involve dishonesty and trying to gain things illegitimately. Running for exercise and running for president are just two ways of using the word running, it's not comparative.

She said it as a joke. She didn't mean it seriously when she asked the question. She just got a serious answer. However, people who would lie and act immorally would do it with either a person or a test, if they're that bad of a person. Some wouldn't cheat on a test but would consider and/or go through with the idea of cheating on a person.

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Well that's one way to get the truth out of someone...

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This is the point of the story where you dump him... And then you turn his cheating ass in to the Board of Academic Honesty. He gets kicked out of university, his parents disown him, he can't get a job, becomes a hobo on the street. Then in 10 years when you're successful and with someone more deserving, pass by his hobo shanty town and laugh at his misery.

What if they're not in University? OP can turn him in to the teacher and/or principal and they can deal with it. He most likely wouldn't get kicked out, but he would come out with a zero on his exam grade

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That is true, they could be in high school or another type of school. However, a large majority of schools have an absolutely zero tolerance rule towards cheating. They will kick you out of that school and sometimes the towns school system, or send you to the town 'bad kid' school.

He just came out with it, just like that? . . .