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Today, I came home to the nanny passed out on the couch from too much alcohol, my 2-year-old alone and locked in the bathroom, and my house in a complete wreck. To top it off, it's the day my mother-in-law, who hates me, is coming to visit from New York. FML
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Call the popo on the nanny for child endangerment who cares about the mother-in-law in a situation like this?

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How many people can say they got wasted with their nanny? Haha

^ I don't know. Tell me. Because I know the OP can't, since she came after the nanny was wasted.

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Did OP find their nanny on the street? (And hopefully it wasn't your alcohol she was drunk off of. You might need some of it in the near future.)

Call the popo on the nanny for child endangerment who cares about the mother-in-law in a situation like this?

#2... that is exactly what I was thinking. I would get thy bitch attested!

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The mother-in-law is the least of her worries right now. But I would def be calling the cops & pressing charges

That's exactly what I would have done.

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In reference to your pic: since gay men who are running the model industry took over. Apparently they prefer models to look like 11yr old boys, no ass, hips or figure.

115 - popo = police aka cops aka "the man" need I go on?! No? Bueno.

Blue Heelers or the Boys In Blue is an Australian slang for the police also.

Dont worry, she hates you so no point on cleaning... :)

Well maybe he cleaned, she might think he changed and is actually a real good person!! so there is a point

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Well she's no Nanny McPhee 2.0 is she?

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File child endagerment charges on the nanny. To hell with the MIL, no matter what you do, you are not going to make her happy. Good news, when she gets older, she will not want you to care for her.

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I would be more worried about my poor kid. Who cares about the hateful mother in law. She's likely to blame you for what just happened anyway...

True, if she didn't hate him so much maybe she could of been in charge of the baby?

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Have you ever heard of a working mother? Maybe the dad should stay home and look after the child or maybe they need to be a two income family. Think before you write. I'm willing to bet you don't have a child.

Here's an idea: what if she can't? She probably has a job that keeps her busy and can't take care of her child due to the fact they have to buy necessities and pay bills.

You're right I don't have a child, but when I do I'll make sure I'm prepared to raise it myself. I mean what's the point of having kids in the first place if you dump it on others to look after.

That is the douchebag defenition of "Adoption" you're using. ...and read ALL of the replies first. Here it is again: WHAT IF SHE HAS AN ALL TIME JOB??

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I see both points! But why isn't she in the kitchen!!

I don't care what 'ALL' the previous replies were. Fact is, she can't be having money troubles or she couldn't afford a nanny in the first place, and secondly, the fact she gets her house cleaned by someone else also indicates she's two things... Lazy and well off. See the pattern? There are plenty of people, couples I might add, who both work and still have a family and clean their own house.

Oh yeah, having a nanny means she's some lazy ******* who hates her kid, or the fact that she never has time or someone who can help her. ...and a major problem in your arguement is that you "know" people that works and still takes care of their kids and clean without observing other people who work and can't do house work or take care of the kid. You "knowing" people isn't everyone...

20- Reread the FML, nowhere does it say she has a cleaning lady it just says nanny.

I didn't say it was everyone now did I? I was purely using factual evidence to support an argument. You need to read a bit better before opening your mouth and spitting shit for the sake of having something to say. Or are you a bit sore on the topic because you were nanny raised and subsequently weren't hugged enough by your mummy and daddy?

And who says she has a nanny all the time? It could be once or twice a week. So allll those people who put their kids in child care 3 days a week or send them to school makes them a bad parent? Never voice your opinion if you don't know the situation. It's so easy to judge others isn't it?

27 - obviously the nanny also cleans the house or she wouldn't be complaining about the state of it as a result of nanny being hammered...

Factual evidence? That was based on YOUR observational evidence. Not necessarely true, backed up by statistics, really studied actual facts and ******* evidence. ...and i'm not sore on this subject because i'm "nanny raised", my parents were around. It's mostly because of that written diarrhea that I just read.

30 are you ******* retarded? . Just how is it obvious that the nanny cleans the house? ... If you leave youre house in someone elses care dont you expect it back in the same state? It says OP came home to a messed up house! Nothing about the nannys reaponsibility to clean you moron! And another thing. Some single parents need nannys to look after children while they work, or go out! My aunty does the same thing. Pays a sitter so she can go out, and earn money to pay the bills! But hey you clearly know about everyones individual needs and are a master of managing households. Please teach me!!

30- you're making shit up it's the nannys job to take care of the kid not clean, she's not a maid.

Ar... Where do you think statistics and facts come from.... Observations?!? Therefore, if I observe, it is a fact. On top of that, I didn't make it a generalization by assuming everyone else to be the same.

"if I observe, it is a fact"? Are you calling yourself a scientist now? ...and no. Personal observation are not cold hard facts, they're personal opinionated "facts". Also, yes you are making a generalization about your assumption that "everyone who works all the time can still have time to clean and take care of kids".

But in post 20. You keep mentioning fact, but you havent shown any evidence to even support you arguement. You are talking shit and calling it fact. You dont know how well off OP is, or their circumstances. Its not fact if you cant prove it. Like Gillard is the current pm of Australia, any website will tell you that, but OP is well off and not struggling financially? Where is your proof. Quit talking shit

So if I were to observe someone stabbing someone else on the street, and when asked to recount exactly what I saw in court, that would be considered an opinion and not fact? I never said that just because i have observed others to do be able to raise kids and work that I would expect that of everyone else.

I'm not talking shit I'm just saying I don't see the point in having children if you're either gonna chuck them in day care or palm them off to a nanny. Having said that, I do understand that in some circumstances it's necessary i.e. one partner leaves another therefore have to work to support offspring. This doesn't appear to be the case in OP though seeing as her hating MIL is coming around.

What you're saying now is complete bullshit. If you were to witnessed a stabbing, then would recount that,moment to help catch that criminal, hence EYEWITNESS, As in "A person who has personally seen something happen and so can give a first-hand description of it". While looking for factual evidence includes study, tests, statistics, lab results, surveys, AND observation. NOT ONLY OBSERVATION.

desireev 17

Selbow- Your ignorance is stunning. All I'm going to say is you go have a child and TRY to raise it without some sort of help from a nanny/daycare WITHOUT losing your job or your child to child protective services. When you're able to accomplish being a parent all on your own without ANY assistance AT ALL, I will personally give you a round of applause. Because you will be SuperParent!

What makes you think Day-care and nanny's exist? To help take care of your kids while you're busy with your daytime activities or most importantly, WORK! You expect parents to keep watch of their kids all the time?

Yes, isn't that why you make a conscious decision to have children? It's no big myth that children require 100% of time and energy until they're old enough to start looking after themselves.

desireev 17

49- I'm going to guess that you've never seen any of my comments before. Are you a new user? YES YOU IGNORANT FOOL! I HAVE KIDS! I am a proud parent! And guess what?! I use the shit out of a daycare! My daycare is called 'Pistol Petes Academy Of Kids'. You gonna start on me about how I'm a bad parent? I work 3 jobs. And my man works 2 jobs! We need the daycare system! If it weren't for the parents like us who need the daycare system, there would not be any daycares, now would there be? They serve a good purpose! So to answer your completely stupid question, yes! I am a parent! And I am a parent who proudly uses and supports my daycare!

Oh woop-de-doo, since kids take up 100% of time and energy let's take them to work where they can play on the machinery, mess up reports, play with tools, become a nuisance to other coworkers, and mess up the workplace! I do agree on the fact that kids need a lot of time and energy to be with, but you have to have the other time and energy to EARN MONEY TO SURVIVE, GIVE YOUR FAMILY THEIR NEEDS (and want's), AND PAY BILLS TO KEEP THAT TEMPERATURE ACCEPTABLE FOR YOUR FAMILY, THAT RUNNING WATER, ELECTRICITY, AND GAS FIR THAT STOVE. Also with this economy, day-care seems like a good option. For people with busy high paying/well off/just enough for a nanny/??? jobs, a nanny could be acceptable for you to focus more on finances and for your little one and to help with taking care of thr kid some times of the week. Please, just stop...

desireev 17

And to add to the horror of my bad parenting, I hire a babysitter every other Friday night so I can go eat dinner and have a Budweiser! 'Oh my Gosh! Desireev! You are such a bad parent!' I'm so terrible, aren't I? :)

51- i am sure 52 made a very "conscience decision" to have children with her partner, and i bet she loves them to bits. Daycare is there to support families who work in tough economic times, not to palm off the kids as you mentioned before!. She is a perfect example to what everyone here is saying!!!

52- am I really supposed to know who the **** you are or even care?! The fact you're 21 and with child says it all. Maybe if you'd stayed in school a bit longer and kept your legs shut you wouldn't have to offload your poor kids onto others and work 3 jobs. You should be ashamed of using those services, not proud!

56- that was uncalled for!! No one here made personal stabs at your life! Back the **** down!

selbow, up until now I thought you were just a misguided idiot, but now I think YOU'RE A ******* SHIT-STAIN! Now you're targeting desireev's life! That's a very, Very, VERY ******* LOW POINT FOR YOU TO TARGET!!!!! What's her life IS NONE OF YOUR CONCERN!!!!!!! You shouldn't say what is disgraceful or not to a person who practically gave her life story on numerous FML's. You've crossed the ******* line!!!!

desireev 17

Guess what mother ******? I DID stay in school! I have a CNA degree and I'm on my last year of schooling to be a RN. Oh, and me and my man have 2 VERY SUCCESSFUL businesses together. We have a VERY SUCCESSFUL Taxidermy shop and a Hydrographic Dipping business together. I work alot right now so I won't have to be slaving away at 3 different jobs when I'm 25. I would actually consider myself a pretty ****** good example. I'm 21 and successful as hell! Who wouldn't want that? I've worked all of my life so that I wouldn't have to work my ass off for the rest of my life. By the time I'm 27, I won't have to work. I'll be just sitting back while my employees are running my businesses. I'll be taking my kids on vacations all year round and not having to worry about anything! Yep.. I think 27 is a good age to be successful and retire. And my kids won't have to go to daycare anymore. Just like you wanted! :)

How the hell did 56's comment not get moderated? 56 you're an arrogant **** that has no understanding of the REAL world parents have jobs. In order to provide for their families they must work, can't take your kids to work so that's what daycares are for. It's also none of your business what she does or how she lives so keep your idiotic opinions to yourself

Oi dumb *****, if you don't want your personal life scrutinized don't broadcast it all over ******* public forums. And why just because I have a difference of opinion and dare to argue it am I misguided. You ******* are a bunch if close minded drones, products of everything you've been made to think and believe with thanks to governments and corporations, because lets face it, if you weren't slaves to the monetary system, if you didn't think it were ok to use daycare, who would keep the bankers and the ceo's in business at the end of the day?

You asked if she had kids, then you made fun of her for it. Everybody has opinions but not everyone's a dick about voicing theirs

CetaBabe 17

Selbow back the hell down. Wtf is your problem? It's the 21st century, not the middle ages, both mothers and fathers are able to go to work with kids now. What's wrong with a nanny? It doesn't say anywhere that the child spends 24/7 with the nanny! for all you know, the nanny could be hired for a fews hours a week when neither parent is able to look after. In this day and age, it is possible to have a successful life and children - regardless of age or gender, so leave Desireev alone ( Much respect to you girl! ) And before you start - no I don't have kids, but I have a 3 year old sister who I would babysit and 'Nanny' while our parents were at work and I was not at school or college, and we both grew up/are growing up fine thank you very much. When you have a child in your care, you'll understand! So shut the **** up about stuff you have no idea about! *Also, well said teague95

Seibow, you just need to crawl back in your little cave, catch something deadly, and die alone with your cold, miserable, heartless self. To everyone else: Please, for the love of God, stop feeding this tryhard dickbag troll. It's only making things worse. Let him spout his incoherent nonexistant "facts" and get buried for being a dumbfuck.

Now you're turning this into a "GOVERMENT IS EVUHHH, CORPERATE AMERICA IS EVULLHH" conspiracy troll post that you can find on your average Yahoo comment boards? Face it, GIVE IT UP!! The Gov't is none of my concern, it doesn't control/brainwashes me with nonsensical propaganda, lies, or other crap. Quit trying to turn this around into some political NWO/corruption/destruction of the U.S., CRAP just to make us look like pawns in the political agenda for something greater. Just shut the **** up!!!

is that what you look like in real life!! lol gtfo here

CetaBabe 17

Eh, Selbow here's a point for daycares/playgroups: Socialisation! By taking a child to daycares or playgroups, they learn to socialise with other children, so by time it comes to send them to school, they're less nervous and roughly know right and wrong around other children. Where as a child brought up with no socialisation is more likely to be unsocialble and awkward in group situations - Psychological FACT! Yes fact draw from observations - but not just one person. One person's observation is likely to be highly subjective and opinionated. Multiple observations are cross questioned and tested to form facts (I know, I'm a psychlogy student and do this on a daily basis), so shut up on that bit too! *Edit: Anyone else spotted that he's just been banned? Result xD

Let's all just calm down here. There's no need to be so upset. Desireev, relax. A_Teen, calm yourself. Selbow is obviously mentally challenged, and I applaud his managing to get a few words down that are spelled correctly. Of course, his comments make no damned sense, but they are at least grammatically correct. Can't we at least agree on that? Very well. Carry on.

Now that that's done... How about them foosball teams, eh? Eh? No? Okay...

Wow, wish I tuned into this conversation sooner about child care and raising your family with some form of assistance. It certainly looks like Selbow riled up everyone with his unbelievably arrogant ignorance. But, it appears everyone already splattered the fool, half his comments are moderated and he's been removed....? Guess I have nothing I can add. :) A_Teen, I did enjoy reading you verbally bitch-slapping him though, as well as the combined thoughts from everyone collectively. Nice to see everyone is so supportive and understanding on something as difficult as raising children. Hopefully one day, Selbow will learn and understand this, without ever having children himself! ;) Cheers!

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So my goal in life is to have kids and be a stay at home mom because I agree that its the best but for most people anymore that is impossible and that absolutely doesn't make them bad parents. I worked as a nanny for 2 families and also have worked in a daycare. The parents in those situations loved and cared for their children just as much as any parent who gets to stay home with their children. And you don't have to be wealthy to have a nanny. I wasn't paid any extreme amount to be a nanny and neither family I worked for was very rich. Plus if she had a nanny and not just daycare (no offense to daycare users but I have worked in one and have seen the horrors of a bad daycare) the parents are probably extra concerned about their children and want quality care (even though they failed at picking a nanny). It's ignorant to think people should drop everything to have children or they're bad parents.

did someone mention Budweiser? where?

desireev 17

81- I go to the Chilis out there on the highway for my dinner and Budweiser! Very good! :)

And this is why certain people like selbow should not be allowed to reproduce. Also OP good luck with the in law and the nanny. On a final note let us all hope selbow does not already have children

desireev 17

*16-year-old Bieber-fan squeals* OH MY GAAAAWWD!! I LOVE YOU A_TEEN!

Ducks shit. Shit is gross. Therfor ducks are gross. Is that a fact now?

47 - "you go have a child..." don't give them any ideas!!! They might reproduce!!! Xo

#9 heres an idea...shut the **** up! U make no sence u are judgmental ******* asshole how about u think before u speek god ur such an ass I hate people like u!

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I'd be not only firing the nanny but calling the cops as well. I hope she's never allowed near your child again. Sucks about the mother in law. Hopefully she can be understanding.

Why not do a little research before trusting your kids to someone, if I had kids I'd be skeptical of everyone around them, with the way the world is. You're lucky that's all that happened.