By Deadcat101 - 10/07/2012 23:26 - Canada - Winnipeg

Today, my unemployed mother decided to yet again stay home and drink heavily. So far she's kicked me out of the house, tipped over our sofa, and thrown her vibrator out the window. FML
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maliki32 7

I feel so sorry for you, OP. Nobody should ever have to go through any of that!

Stupid woman, vibrators are expensive! (For those who are retarded, it's a damn joke)


sit down n have a talk with her....she's obviously depressed =(

MetalxSoldier 26

When she gets arrested, tell her to look at the camera and say "I'm white trash, and I'm in trouble" (South Park joke)

No seriously guys, this woman is in trouble! Throwing your vibrator out of the window is a loud cry for help.

Depressed? She may or may not be. She might've been depressed the first day she did this, and now she's just drunk all the time. We don't know if OP's mother is bothered by unemployment, she could just be having a ball drinking all the time. I'd say OP should hide all the alcohol while she's passed out, and find a number for the closest drug and alcohol rehabilitation center and have one of the councilors come to her house to talk to her mother when she wakes up.

Of she drinks enough alcohol the sudden absence will make her eve worse

maliki32 7

I feel so sorry for you, OP. Nobody should ever have to go through any of that!

Agreed! I think you should help her try to find a job or help her get rehab.

citymayer 7

Or just kick her out!!! It'll hurt her feelings sure but if she can flip a sofa she's perfectly capable of taking care of herself. It doesn't matter if she's OPs mom. She's still a grown woman and needs to take of herself.

It says she's unemployed..idk what kind of person you are but if one of my parents were unemployed I would never kick them out...but after they get employed..well thats a different story.

StillUsesMyspace 22

It's also possible that the OP is underage and the drunken unemployed mother is In charge of the rent. After all, the OP was kicked out by the mom.

sexygurllolz 1

Kind of a tasteless comment, don't you think?

sexygurllolz 1

im being sarcastic but obviously everyone has a stick up their ass

15- Jeez. I hope not. I would be SO constipated.

15- We realize you're being sarcastic. We also realize you weren't that funny.

hockeyoceancity 13

15- It's not a stick, it's the vibrator OP's mom threw outside.... Free uses.

you're even classier with that screen name . "sexygurllolz" wtf -___-

sexygurllolz 1
sweetly1120 6
mashimarox 12

Yep, because anyone who throws their vibrator out the window is crazy!

TarieBoo 2

"it's a bird!" "it's a plane!" "'s my mom's *****."

"you never want to talk" *buzzz* "**** YOU!!!" *throws it out the window*

They tried to make her go to rehab, but she said no no no!

That's what unemployment will do to some people, Im really sorry OP, that sounds devastating... Maybe time to put the job search in full gear? Just anything to keep her ocupied and away from heavy drinking would help

Stupid woman, vibrators are expensive! (For those who are retarded, it's a damn joke)

TarieBoo 2

Finally a sarcastic comment that was actually funny&and a real joke :D

*next foot* "Ow! What the--Honey, the next door neighbors are throwing vibrators again!"

jrsylilballer6 7

Is it that time of the month again?

Jeeze -_- chill. It's called a joke. No explanation is required...

Again, as with 3, we realize it's a joke. We also realize it's not that funny. Besides, the sarcasm in this one is ambiguous.

Stupid comments cannot later be justified as "a joke."

A joke IS a joke. Nobody said it was good...

8- What about the poor sofa? You know, they have feelings too..

Like that poor broken hearted armchair that couldn't live out its destiny as seat for weary bottoms. :(