By anon - 06/01/2015 00:15 - Australia - Sydney

Today, I spent hours cooking an amazing dinner for my family, who had just gotten home from a trip, so we could spend some time together because I'd started to miss everyone. When they got home, they saw it all laid out and just took plates to their room, without even telling me they were home. FML
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*OP 10 minutes later, walking past their bedroom* "You're welcome for the ******* meal..."


I'm sure they appreciated it! They were just homesick and exhausted, hopefully they'll show their appreciation soon OP.

I actually like doing the dishes... But mom doesn't know though! The perfect punishment.

Too tired to even say, "hey, we're home"? I'm sorry, no. There is no reason or excuse for that. No matter how tired or jet lagged they were they still should have had the decency to let OP know they were back, and they could have just said something like "do you mind if we just eat in our rooms, we're really tired, but we'll catch up later!" That wouldn't take too much energy...

17 seems like the house was really quiet so they might had assume op wasn't home.

so the magical food fairy laid out all their plates of food on the table? they had to at least assume OP was home..

Next time, make an even better meal just for yourself:)

Maybe they were just tired from traveling all day. I'm sure they loved it! don't worry op I bet they were very happy to see a nicely cooked meal waiting for them when they got home. :D

*OP 10 minutes later, walking past their bedroom* "You're welcome for the ******* meal..."

That's what I would do. I'd be livid if my family was that rude. Poor OP

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A nice meal cooked by you complimented by a nice tv show is something they were looking forward to (: i am sure they loved it!

Don't take it to heart OP. I'm sure they appreciated a good home cooked meal and were just incredibly jet lagged. :)

Freakin assholes! "Oh look, a hot, home cooked meal miraculously appeared. I guess no one in particular cooked it, so I'll just grab this plate and go to my room." Uh yeah. OP your family is ridiculous. So sorry you did all that and they couldn't have the common courtesy to say thank you! I personally would hug you if you were my family and did that for me!