By fatpooch - 13/05/2010 06:01 - Canada

Today, my mom decided our whole family is going on a diet. Why? Because the vet told us our dog is overweight, and she "didn't want Twix to suffer alone." FML
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or maybe you're fat and she doesn't want to break it to you

Your dog's name is Twix. Highly unlikely any diet will be successful for you lot.


or maybe you're fat and she doesn't want to break it to you

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dammit. WTF. the comment I meant to reply to got deleted. FML

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well sucks for your mum cos Twix barely cares lol

no harm in it, is there? Being healthys good?

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Well it is a part of the family an it has feelings to, I guess?

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So what? Eating healthy can't be that bad. Dafp!

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You need to go on a diet if you named your dog after a chocolate bar -.-

rawrcupcake, it's probably lost in that hairdo.

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candy was kind of a theme for our pets... dogs name is snickers (short for snickerdoodle) cats name was twix... twix had kittens we named them, Oreo, kisses, reeses, kit-kat, and peanut... then our fish's name was skittles lol

ahah I see what u did there op. the dog is fat and called twix,ur mum probably named it and it's probably her fault it is fat, so coz she loves that dog as much as she loves chocolate and she probably feels guilty she goes on a diet with the dog, ur mum is a ******* idiot! just thought you should knw. has a nice day kthxbai:)

whoever said "show me a fat dog and I'll show you a fat owner" is right. take your dog for a run

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36 I'm fairly certain that your picture is a fail. you took a picture of a picture on your tv or computer screen

So what's wrong with eating healthy?

Ha ha yea, take the dog for a walk and it'll be good for both of you :)

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36 I'm fairly certain you're retarded.

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*69 sorry I guess I do fail. but my pic is real. Dafp!!!

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Maybe you shouldn't name the dog after a damn candy. Screw the dog, it probably will start eating other things your cell phone.

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when u have a family that names their dog after a candy bar, then u might have an issue. i do believe the mother has the right idea. YDI it for naming the dog twix lol

1, 2, and 4 are retarded. Eat EVERYTHING IN THE HOUSE.

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Are you sure your mom didn't make up that excuse?

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twix is an awedome name for a dog

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twix.... thats a good name!

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you can tell op is fat because she names her dog 'twix'... there is no doubt about tht

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69- couldnt 36 have picked a better pic of someone if it was fake or something? (no offense 36 i think your pic looks good btw)

Well, diets are usually a good thing, if needed. but unless you're underweight I say cheat on your diet. but if you're over weight, stick to it, brah.

or maybe you have a fat family and she wants to do something about it

Well if their dog is named after a candy bar I think that's a pretty good indicator of what the rest of the family looks like.

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there's strength in numbers and dogs are people too

Haha! Your mom wins. I honestly hope you aren't fat and she did it for the dog(:

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YDI for naming your dog after a delicious candy that you have if you need a moment.

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YDI means yak dancing igloos, there ya go

Need a moment, OP? Chew it over with a "Twix." ;D

Awww! I love your pic. Me and my friend decided I was Belle! Lol.

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ahaha kittybelle speaks the truth. Your mom is just doing the whole family a favor.

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haha that would be awesome to have all those names!

My husband decided the same, Jessi_Rose - until I met him, I was never much of a "princess-y" sort. But since I'm all the time reading and being irritated by the local rednecks who want nothing more than to drink beer and scratch themselves, he began calling me Belle. :)

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tell your mom to go diet what a hoe

Your dog's name is Twix. Highly unlikely any diet will be successful for you lot.

I was thinking that since the dog's name is Twix, it's highly likely they need the diet. Seriously, OP? You're bitching because you have to eat healthy food and lose a stone or three? Thank your mum for finally caring about your health and appearance.

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I've got a feeling your mom made that story up to get around calling you fat and telling you that you need to go on a diet. Today, my mom cared about me. FML

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more like 'Today, my mum cared about me but I'm too dumb to appreciate that. FML'