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  rohosoccer08  |  1

candy was kind of a theme for our pets... dogs name is snickers (short for snickerdoodle) cats name was twix... twix had kittens we named them, Oreo, kisses, reeses, kit-kat, and peanut... then our fish's name was skittles lol

  wilkshire13  |  0

ahah I see what u did there op. the dog is fat and called twix,ur mum probably named it and it's probably her fault it is fat, so coz she loves that dog as much as she loves chocolate and she probably feels guilty she goes on a diet with the dog, ur mum is a fucking idiot! just thought you should knw. has a nice day kthxbai:)

  ibanez370  |  0

when u have a family that names their dog after a candy bar, then u might have an issue. i do believe the mother has the right idea. YDI it for naming the dog twix lol

  KittyBelle  |  3

My husband decided the same, Jessi_Rose - until I met him, I was never much of a "princess-y" sort. But since I'm all the time reading and being irritated by the local rednecks who want nothing more than to drink beer and scratch themselves, he began calling me Belle. :)

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

I was thinking that since the dog's name is Twix, it's highly likely they need the diet.

Seriously, OP? You're bitching because you have to eat healthy food and lose a stone or three? Thank your mum for finally caring about your health and appearance.