By sadcinderella - 22/12/2009 07:01 - United States

Today, I spent my day alone while my parents and siblings were at school and work. Trying to be helpful, I cleaned out the fridge, did 5 loads of laundry, worked outside, fed the pets and made dinner for the entire family. The evening was spent hearing complaints of how wrong I did everything. FML
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kezzstar 0

Lovely. Of course, if you had done nothing all day, they would have complained about that too. Should have told them to do it themselves then.

Mutantking 0

well you deserve a pat on the back. there much better.


kezzstar 0

Lovely. Of course, if you had done nothing all day, they would have complained about that too. Should have told them to do it themselves then.

I agree with #1, Tell them to do it themselves. When I do anything I get complained at that I did it wrong, so I stopped doing stuff a while ago.

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wow you have no hope of yourself of finding a husband you cant cook, clean or take care of the house I suggest you enroll in some cooking/cleaning classes ASAP unless you wanna die alone

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LAWLS nice sarcasm Unregistered, for a second I thought you were trollin'

Reyo 2

The last time my parents did that, I just told them "Fine, I'll just doing such things for you." Then I stopped cleaning my room, bathroom, and garage. Parents: I know you're supposed to be the "mighty overlords of the house" being the primary care givers, but count it a miracle when your kid does something without being asked. It's not something to be taken granted.

juliabadulia 6

Exactly! Everyone knows men can't feed or pick up after themselves.

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Cap'n Jazz! Yes!

ungrateful bitches

AntiChrist7 0

That's why I never do anything

waterynuggets 0

Shit. I know how you feel. Echoing people saying fuck it. I don't do shit anymore. They want something done, they can do it themselves.

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well you deserve a pat on the back. there much better.

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stfu stop trying to copy ireplywlyrics he was the original faggot but now your just ripping him off so that makes you a sub-level below his faggotness

flashback.miss 28

lol 42!!! too bad you dont have the power to suppress me! calling me a faggot proves your low self esteem! you dont know me therefore your words have no meaning!! lololol im not ripping anyone off lololol im certainly no sub level to anything. i am above all species lolol so go play with your dollies lolol

frankgrimes 4

uuummmm i thought that was what family was for. making Fun of eachother, Complaining, ANd getting BAck at each other. LAME!

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frankgrimes 4

#8 shut up. hahahah

At 8: You have NO idea why the OP did what she did, so stfu. No matter what the OPs intentions were, I'm sure she didn't expect to get bitched at when she busted her ass for her family all day.

Uh okay? And I meant *went. I just woke up D:

When do Americans break up for school then?

Break up? If students could break up with their school, no one would be receiving an education in America, lmao...

monkeyspark 6

He means holidays Person1233, you twunt.

Sorry it's what people in England say :L Ok, how about...When do the vacations start for America? I think I said this right? And PS..I'm a girl.

Monkeyspark, Person was being sarcastic you twunt!. Maxine, yes you said it right and most schools first day of Christmas Vacation begins Christmas Eve and if it's still the same as when I was a kid they go back January 2nd.

But colleges are already finished for the most part. They're done around the 15th~

CheshireHalli 19

My school let out on the 18th, and we go back the first day after New Year's (in this year's case the 4th because the 2nd and 3rd is the weekend)...

@11 In Canada we got out on the Friday a week before Christmas but this could change with boards.(My friend in the US doesn't get out till tomorrow)

Haha. I got off the 9th and don't go back until the 29th~ :3 But when I was in high school we got off like a week before Christmas and went back like a week after New Years. I live in Canada, by the way. Quebec specifically.

Basically, in America, the individual school district or university will decide how to distribute vacation days. The state has a protocol for minimum days of attendance, and after that the individual district decides how many days for which holidays, they also have to figure in the potential for snow days and what not in some states, I remember a couple years in high school where they started talking about cutting breaks short due to an excess of snow cancellations. That's why you get so many dates from confused American students trying to figure out why their friends aren't all on break too lol

Ok thankyou. If any of you are interested, I finished school on the 17th and don't go back til the 4th.

fretforyerlatte 0

i have been on both sides of this one...i know you were just trying to be helpful and it sucks to not be appreciated. on the other hand sometimes my husband will do the dishes, for example, and every single thing he cleaned still looks like shit and needs re-washed. it doesn't help when someone does chores but does such a crappy job that you have to go behind them and do it over again.

there is a difference between doing something really badly and just doing it differently to how the other person is used to it being done.

shadowkiss13 0

thats true but we dont know if she did a shitty job. For all we know she couldve done a good job... well to her it couldve been a good job at least and itz the thought that counts right