By nosexlife - 12/09/2009 15:31 - United States

Today, I was with my seven year old daughter purchasing my husband a present for his birthday in a few weeks. At the register, in the very long line, I asked her where we could hide his present so he wouldn't find it, she responded loudly with "Hide it in your room! He never goes in there!" FML
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this fml makes no sense. its not like anyone in the store knew what she was talkin about.

i honestly don't understand what this is talking about and why it's an FML...


well thats not that bad.... actually, FYL. at least the ppl in the store won't know who she was talking about!

YDI for not living in the same room as your husband

this fml makes no sense. its not like anyone in the store knew what she was talkin about.

No, but I am sure that they could infer. It's not too difficult for those with a brain. o_o'

i honestly don't understand what this is talking about and why it's an FML...

its an FML because she's saying she has no sex life w/ her husband

ha,arent you a smart one.

aww failing mariage?

Check out her name. I'm thinking that's the FML in this. But it's not like anyone in the store would know what she was talking about, except maybe the people in front of or behind you. :p

If the OP is referring to the fact she and her husband do not sleep in the same beds, let alone same room, it's not embarrassing. In fact, sleeping in separate beds is what me and my girlfriend do, and yes we do live in the same house. We do sleep in the same room though, our beds only inches apart. But sleeping in separate beds is by far the best way to keep your sex drive, intimacy, romance, and your relationship healthy. If I want to wake up my girlfriend with a kiss in the morning, the beds aren't far enough apart I can't slide over. But they aren't close enough where she'll kick me in the middle of the night. Enjoy sleeping apart, it keeps things fresh.

my parents sleep in separate rooms... but they hate eachother. ha.

The BEST way? Yeah you keep telling yourself that to justify being whipped by your girl.

....really guys? she bought a gift for her husband. she wanted to hide it from him. she asked her kid where she should put it (probably just to make the kid feel like she was part of it) and the kid announced to the whole store that "daddy" never goes in their bedroom. i assume that embarrassing because now the whole store knows that they never fuck, or spend any sort of alone time together.

So FYL for having a bad marriage and your kid noticing? Eh, i guess.

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I think the FML is referring to them sleeping in separate rooms, not that anyone is cheating. Also, you kind of flipped out right there, and you might have some deep seeded issues resulting from personal past experiences?

#10 you would have done better to keep quiet

who said anything about cheating?!?!

Maybe they're a T-Roll.

Wow, #10. You're truly an idiot.

FYL For being stupid

how is she being stupid?!?!

#13 is a woman bitch #10 keep it up!!! Me ftw

I never saw a comment with that many down thumbs

#10 Well aren't you an angry little dumbass.

um WTF she never said anything bout cheating dumb ass dont call her a slut you asshole

And ur like what..? 11 years old? go wash ur mouth out & learn some manners.

Lol! I love your kid already! xD