By missedfistbump - 20/03/2013 14:31 - United States

Today, I was talking to my boss and he said I was awesome. He went to fist bump me and I missed. FML
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So we went from a handshake in the 70's to a high-five in the 80's to a fist bump now. What the hell is next? "Hey, great job!" *grabs ankles*


Just a temporary glitch in OP's awesomeness. At least I hope so OP!!! >:/

OP, laugh it off. Your boss will appreciate you can laugh at yourself when you make a silly mistake but take it seriously when it comes to your work. I rather that happen than shaking an employee's hand and their shake is very flimsy and not firm (shows they don't have confidence about themselves in that current environment).

Just yell out snail ..make it look like it was on purpose

We need details of this! Did he punch OP in the face? Punch him in the arm? Completely miss? Punch him in the boob? Kick him in the shin? Kick him in the nuts? Kiss him?

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We don't know what OP looks like, he could have man boobs.

Thank you 48! Geez some people just don't get sarcastic humor anymore...

32- Doesn't matter. OP MISSED a brofist! No more is needed for this FML.

So ya, every guy i know has boobs whether they are moobs or not....

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At least he didn't go to give you a pat on the back and miss.

And so did you punch in the 'nads when you missed?

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Well at least you didn't accidentally punch him in the face!

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I think he did. I did that to a person I know once, he cried...

Unless OP's boss is really short I don't see how that could be possible. Or their fists are held up to their faces. Hmm. I must've been doing it wrong all these years.

If it was a high-five I'd say to look at his elbow, but it really just sounds like you're not as awesome as he says.

Same rule can be applied for this. I just tested this with my friend!

I miss fist bumps all of the time, life will get better

So we went from a handshake in the 70's to a high-five in the 80's to a fist bump now. What the hell is next? "Hey, great job!" *grabs ankles*

I think it'll stay in the hand region. SO like, we'll do an E.T. finger to finger touch, or we will click our plams together twice, or some stupid shit.

Unfortunately for the coming generations, I could think of a few other things we'd have to grab before we reach the ankles.

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There was actually a superbowl commercial a few years back that solved this. It's a face-slap.

An E.T. finger touch.. I lol'd when I pictured that. "Yo what's up bro!" *tap* BWAHAHAH. I don't think people will veer to something like that though, it seems a bit too awkward. I don't think it'll get that bad, I still do handshakes, handshakes will always be there. Or like the thumb grab into a pat on the back, that will also stay.

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Can we say 'boop' when we E.T. finger touch?

It starts with today, ends in FML, and it's about his unfortunate luck. How is it not?

Gosh 11, because company policy states that if an employee misses a fist pump he/she automatically get fired!