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OP, laugh it off. Your boss will appreciate you can laugh at yourself when you make a silly mistake but take it seriously when it comes to your work. I rather that happen than shaking an employee's hand and their shake is very flimsy and not firm (shows they don't have confidence about themselves in that current environment).


Unless OP's boss is really short I don't see how that could be possible. Or their fists are held up to their faces. Hmm. I must've been doing it wrong all these years.


An E.T. finger touch.. I lol'd when I pictured that. "Yo what's up bro!" *tap* BWAHAHAH. I don't think people will veer to something like that though, it seems a bit too awkward. I don't think it'll get that bad, I still do handshakes, handshakes will always be there. Or like the thumb grab into a pat on the back, that will also stay.

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