By H4rd_Man - 01/11/2009 19:02 - United Kingdom

Today, I came back home to meet people before going away to university, including my ex and her new boyfriend. We broke up about two months ago and there were no bad feelings between us, so I decided to have a chat with them. I asked "How long have you been going out?" He replied "Seven months." FML
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OH SNAP!! He's a jackass and he doesnt deserve you. FYL

Reyo 2

That's when you say "Well that's strange...we've only been separated for 2 months..isn't that something." IF the guy doesn't break up with your ex for being a tramp, he deserves the herpes.

Sun_Kissed18 25

Unless the guy already knew he was being a man-*****, then its just awkward all around

MindlessRobot 0

Then way tell him how long they have been going out? To be an a-hole? Makes no sense.

riku3220 2

Haha! Oh well, it was over 2 months ago and there were no hard feelings so just keep it that way.

Today, I acidently told my ex I was dating my current lover for 7 months instead of 7 days FML

Inked2009 0

What a slutty bitch! Atleast you don't have to worry about the cheating ****.

ericalew_xo 0

What a cheating bitch. Guess there are bad feelings now, huh?

did you tell him you guys broke up about 2 months ago? unless he already knew she was a cheating ****.