By Chels - / Thursday 18 August 2011 20:25 / United States
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  Sportsfan86  |  3

I'm sorry to hear that, I know it really hurts. But that's just a bigger reason to move on. She's a lying bitch who with that attitude, will be screwed later on in life. Be glad she's not part of your life anymore and find someone whos good for you

  Dalliance  |  4

Comment under her post reminding her of the fact that she just broke up with you two weeks ago, and act surprised that she is willing to broadcast to friends and family that she's a cheater. Then wish her luck in her current relationship.

  Friaza  |  29

Personally i'd be like this on that facebook post.
"Oh, so you were dating somebody else while you dated me? I hadn't realised you were a slut."

  xalerion  |  0

The same thing pretty much happened to me, well, except for me finding out that he'd been living with my ex for a few months before we broke up and theyd started dating right after she moved a few hours away, less than 4 days after she broke up with me she posted that she was engaged and got married to him less than a week later a week or two before she went off to basic, so op, think of it this way, it may suck but at least your ex wasnt engaged, publicly, and didn't get married to someone else right after you broke up, my exes family apparently knew but didn't think it was any of their business to let me know after over two and a half years of us dating, fyl op and fml too

  AAzem  |  11

Don't bother posting anything to that status. Trust me, people who matter will ask you what happened and the truth will be out.
Do not sink down to her level. Delete all contact with her and try your best to avoid her.
I say try because it's almost impossible to forget about her and not be tempted to speak to her for some peace of mind. But do try. You'll eventually forget about her. Just remember that you deserve better than this.
This will be hard. No other way to it. But it'll pass. Keep your friends around you is the best advice I can give.

  sandungyyy  |  4

OP sounds like she was in a bi-curious phase. "If you don't pay for what you have done, you'll end up paying for what you haven't done." She obviously didn't treat you with respect or "love", soon or later she'll go through a bi-pain phase.

  xalerion  |  0

41-rebounds aren't really something most people who prefer stable relationships over flings would recommend to teens or any of the younger variety because when you say rebound, they normally get "one-night-stand"
Though I do agree with the rest :)

  maddy0773  |  9

Yes exactly! You don't need her. I assume she was in a bi-curious phase. That's happened with 1 of my past girlfriends, and I know how much it hurts after. In fact what happened to you happened to me.. She cheated on me with a guy and yeah you know.. I'm just so sorry you had to go through this, you deserve better! Best of luck OP

  CDABXXX  |  5

Gently my ass. Even if OP's ex had falsely posted that on Facebook, it just goes to show how much of a bitch she is trying to hurt OP even more. OP you don't need people like that.


You can still be bi sexual after a break up with your same gender. But whatever reason Ops ex thinks she had, it's never right to cheat no matter how "confused" you think you are.

  0opsie  |  6

127 - Breaking up with a same-sex partner for an opposite-sex partner doesn't mean she stopped being bisexual. Being attracted to both sexes is kinda the whole point of being bisexual.
Experimenting as a lesbian would make more sense. But either way, nothing excuses the cheating.