By looloogirl - 01/11/2009 18:02 - United States

Today, I am not allowed to have any of my candy because of my sister's weight problem. FML
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looloogirl tells us more.

FROM THE OP: yes, i have way more problems than this candy incident, but ironically its the only one that ever got posted. go figure. for the record, i am not fat myself. i am 5 ft 1 and weigh 95 lbs. k? My mother threw away the candy, so i cannot eat it. its not possible for me to do now, its in the dump. and for all of you assholes that say "omg this site sucks because of posts like this", go to a different site. nobody is forcing you to come here.

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ISellHerbs 0

It's ok because your fat sister would probably steal it anyway and get even fatter.

riku3220 2

Eat it anyways. It's her fault she's fat not yours.


ISellHerbs 0

It's ok because your fat sister would probably steal it anyway and get even fatter.

dcbog123 0

pffft, you should eat them in secret, and feed some to your sister as she sleeps, so she can get fatter

yep, i agree. OP sounds like a real whiny a-hole. your life is not ****** just because of candy. now be a good sister and shut up.

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penis up my butthole says what?

HahaYDI 0

"It smells in here."

Make me a sammich.

cowgod 0

This is the most depressing fml I have ever read

leave this site then, if you hate it so much

Here's a song dedicated to your candy "...Remember when I was young so were you time stood still love was all we knew You were the first, so was I made love and then you cried Remember when Remember when we vowed the vows walked the walk Gave our hearts, made the start, it was hard lived and learned, life threw curves There was joy, there was hurt Remember when..."

blobner_bob 0

hes got a point though this site has so many pointless FMLs they probably would've accepted "I didn't get very much halloween candy" and post it on the site.

If you don't like the site...don't go on it?

bamskey 0

u r crazy

I think I might know you lol

This actually makes sense to me if your sister is trying to DO something about her weight problem. You should be sympathetic and not eat things in front of her that she can't have. If she's NOT trying to do anything about her weight problem, then yeah, FYL

Sun_Kissed18 25

Well no one says she is eating it in front of while her moaning and "Mmmmmmm"ing while her sister is chewin on celery. If she was then I would understand; however, if she is just looking for a sweet treat in her room every now and then I don't see the big deal in making her suffer because her sister is a bit (or a lot) overweight.

Normally siblings (unless there's a huge age difference) are treated equally by their parents; if one was allowed to have junk food while the other wasn't, it would be seen as unfair by the one not allowed to eat junk.

riku3220 2

Eat it anyways. It's her fault she's fat not yours.

You know what I don't do??? CARE!!!

Your life isn't ****** because you can't have candy. You're prolly too old to have gone trick or treating anyway

XAMezaki 0

It's not that its cands. It's that the OP can't have something because of something pretty unrelated.

dudeitsdanny 9

I don't think it's that unrelated. Your parents are just trying to spare the OP the struggle that her sister has with her weight. Maybe it was her sister's fault, maybe it's genetic, but her parents are just doing it for her.

Hahah your probably obese your self at least your Sis is doing something bout it!

Joeboy777 0

wow haha sorry to hear that

caZper 4

well, that sucks..

=| Today I saw this TV show where this guy was trying to lose weight, and he was on a self imposed, pretty strict diet, and he was doing REALLY well, and his wife keeps saying "mmm, I love this butter," and "can you get me 3 ice cream sandwiches," and "can you get me a can of coke?" Yeah, this FML reminded me of that(not in a bad way) But anyways, OP, that really sucks, and your parents shouldn't have let you go if they were going to do that to you. Steal it and eat it when nobody's looking :D

"Oh my gosh did you see last nights episode of 'America's Fattest Fatties'? A 900 pound woman lost a pound and a half and cried for 20 minutes!"

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Scrubs FTW

You too? I suffer a similar problem because we have a diabetic in the house. We're not allowed to have anything he can't have. We can't even have real burgers anymore. Only soy.

now that sucks :o soy burgers? eww

yo not the burgers... your parents went too far,

Jeffers123 5

Dude your life SUCKS!!!

that only means you're much too young to be writing fmls.