By nikkiquila_0699 - 05/09/2009 21:24 - Canada

Today, I came back from my 3-month vacation in France. During my vacation I lost 32 lbs and I was so excited to show off my new body to my boyfriend. When he walked in the door, he didn't notice me, but he did notice my younger, thinner and tanner sister strutting around in her bikini. FML
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Aw, that's a bummer. Congrats on losing 32 lbs though!

well you lost weight so youll be hot for a better boyfriend


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oh, well be happy for your sister. jk. I'm a ****.

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Jeez,why are all these tight asses putting thumbs down for one word? Damn, I didn't know you guys disliked the word "oh" so much. I'll make sure to leave that word out in case I get first again.

I agree voting down the first guy if all he says is first, but just having it on the end? It was a legit comment, it should not be this way. I shall rate it up to try to unbury it

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Hey look a retard just used emoji :D Everybody clap for the special one :) ____________________________

Hey look a retard just made fun of a retard! What has the world come to? NOBAMA!!!

Im guessing the OP is a fatass, doesn't she lose 32 lbs every time she takes a crap? That's like 12 Courics! She'll need to break a hundred if she wants a record! 

hey look a retard leaves his myspace url at the end of his every comment

its called a tag....u customise it in ur profile and its automatic at the end of every one of your messages

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Why does NO ONE use Oxford commas? Which pronunciation is closer to what you say, "younger (pause) thinnerandtanner" or "younger (pause) thinner (pause) and tanner"?? OP, it just might be breakup time

There is an animal attraction to the women you know you aren't allowed to have;-D

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Aw, that's a bummer. Congrats on losing 32 lbs though!

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the moderator should get rid of comments by douche bags like you instead of by people who actually have something to say. and next time you get all excited about what number you are make sure you write the correct number down **** head

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i honestly don't get why everyone cares so much about when people say what number they are... what's the big deal?

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Wow...that statement totally contradicts itself. Way to go.

Good job losing 32 lbs, but it looks like you've got about 110 to go, and you'll be fine. The first 32 you lost with diet, exercise and willpower, but the next 110 will require horse tranquilizer, a pillow and heavy-duty plastic bags. Good luck.

Taking her sister out doesn't sound like a good idea

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is it bad that i didn't understand that until #46 explained it?

no it means we have a psycho killer on the loose

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congratulations on not having psychotic tendencies #48!

you could lose some more weight and fake bake to be more like your sister. but a better idea would be to just get a new boyfriend. congrats on the 32 lbs!

Uhmm, Plexico, sorry to break it to you, but you forgot shovel on that list. Hell, I'm certain shovel can replace that list :P 'Tis the perfect tool. You can kill with it, then use it to bury the body!

Good one, Mr. Lyrics, I was leaving the disposal of the body as an exercise for the reader. I do like your notion that the shovel could do double-duty as a bludgeon. And sagbleast95, I agree that "Taking her sister out doesn't sound like a good idea." That's why the boyfriend shouldn't have done it. Now, the sister must pay for accepting.

Plexico = win. Though you might also want to add night-vision goggles to your list too, because disposing bodies in the middle of the forest at night can be dangerous, and flashlights give you away. Hell, if you're going for murder, might as well have fun with it and make sure you don't get caught. =)

Gosh, fiestypixie, thanks for the kind words. It sounds like you know what you are talking about. Gulp! I'd better be nice to you! ;)

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Pasiphae... Seriously?? Forget what the girl looks like. If your boyfriend is checking out your little sister IN FRONT OF YOU, then he's an ass. Who would say that's something that you should put up with? If I'm with a guy, I'm not going to try to say I don't check out other people. But siblings are off limits and doing it in front of the other person is just rude.