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Today, I was really psyched to go see Kung Fu Panda 2 at the movies. Excited, I tried to do a flying kick off the cafeteria wall at work. Instead of kicking off, my leg crashed through the plasterboard and got stuck. My co-workers had to pull me free. FML
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  btnhdude  |  0

I don't know let's ask the plasterboard.
"you okay?"
"he tra'd Kung-fooin' meh bu' I made him ma bitch; that's shit's wha' I call "kung-foolin'"

  cindayy77  |  0

#65, if you are 6, you shouldn't be on this website, nor should you be swearing like that... seriously, some kids try to act grown up way too soon... I'm 14, and I wish I was 6 again :P

  Pinkanani  |  12

I think you're on to something #107. I'm from Colorado and I don't even act stupid! Although, I'd have to disagree about the water, it's pretty tasty. I have to admit, it brings a smile to my face knowing that when I flush the toilet, Texas is south of us, hehe.