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Today, I was really psyched to go see Kung Fu Panda 2 at the movies. Excited, I tried to do a flying kick off the cafeteria wall at work. Instead of kicking off, my leg crashed through the plasterboard and got stuck. My co-workers had to pull me free. FML
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wow.. I'm 13 and even I'm not that excited to see that movie.


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slushpup9696 12

Agreed, 1. How can you be old enough to enjoy Kung Fu Panda and FML at the same time? Pretty sure those age groups shouldn't overlap.

bezach 0

"oh so this is your room? I'll just go..."

I knew it was a YDI by the time I finished the first sentence. Just saying :P haha

manny2 0

that's coming out of your pay check.

remember you're going to watch it, not be it.

ThatSucksAlotYDI 0

35, Kung Fu fighting? More like Kung Fu failing...

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this is like one of those funny videos you find on youtube

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I don't know let's ask the plasterboard. "you okay?" "he tra'd Kung-fooin' meh bu' I made him ma bitch; that's shit's wha' I call "kung-foolin'"

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hey 81, you do know you said "that is shit is" WTF are you saying man

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the movie was really good! but also kind of sad :/ I almost cried

lilbeast0327 3

wow ur dumb for even attempting that. I mean really, act your age

Some people get stressed sometimes. They might have to act a bit younger once in a while to cool down some.

But acting your age is boring. Acting like a 9 year old trapped in a 14 year old body is much more fun :)

wow.. I'm 13 and even I'm not that excited to see that movie.

I'm 15 and everyone I know is stoked to see it, including my AP Geometry teacher.

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AP geometry? is that a real class?

I'm ******* 6 and I wasn't even excited to see that movie.

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Advanced placement geometry.

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#65, if you are 6, you shouldn't be on this website, nor should you be swearing like that... seriously, some kids try to act grown up way too soon... I'm 14, and I wish I was 6 again :P

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

I'm an unborn fetus, and I think cgi movies about talking animals doing karaaazy things are ******* stupid.

cindayy77 0

just shut up, I made one small mistake and I'm sorry -.-

105, your whole comment was a mistake.

**** this whole argument, animated movies suck regardless of age.

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I'm 12 years old and what is this?

I put YDI the second I saw OP write that they were psyched to see kung Fu panda 2 lol

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yeah **** your Micheal bay explosion block buster movies

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Another idiot from Colorado (shakes head in disapproval). You must be the same guy that kicked the door at Wendy's and fell on his butt.

hopefully they're both part of the Texan Invasion and it's not something in the water.

SouljaBabii 0

Colorado isn't an idiot state

I think you're on to something #107. I'm from Colorado and I don't even act stupid! Although, I'd have to disagree about the water, it's pretty tasty. I have to admit, it brings a smile to my face knowing that when I flush the toilet, Texas is south of us, hehe.