By 88_OP - 25/07/2011 02:34 - United Kingdom

Today, I returned home from a three-week vacation. None of my friends realized I'd been gone. FML
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Some friends you got there.


enonymous 8

Sooo did you bring me a Tshirt or send me a postcard?!?

Perhaps they thought you were out getting groceries, and they're really really dumb.

It's because your friends all went with you right!? :)

Either that or it's just a case of mass amnesia, in which case it's really more frightening than anything else.

TheRealHouse 7

Look at the bright side OP, at least you know your not annoying or completely hated.. Just, ya know, a little boring. Plus if you get married things won't really be that much different for you. ;)

Your friends or the people you talk to sometimes?

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you shouldn't call the girls u stalk friends

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Not everyone has face book.

that's why we have a dislike button lol Jk

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Some friends you got there.

strange phenomena.... 4 an 5's pictures are relatively the same lol

and they also both said pretty much the same thing

Another strange phenomenon 5 and 3 have the same first 6 letters in their user name

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I went on vacation once, I left my baby brother carlos at the airport

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I think you're a bit young to "smoke weed and have fun."

he's just trying to fit with the "cool" kids

That reminds me of The Hangover. Not at the table, Carlos

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If I had to live in the same state as Snookie and that noforeheaded bankrupt housewife she-demon I would want to be high all the time as well.

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so who did you go with? not friends?


maybe someone took your place while you were gone so they think you were there the whole time...maybe