By 88_OP - 25/07/2011 02:34 - United Kingdom

Today, I returned home from a three-week vacation. None of my friends realized I'd been gone. FML
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You call those people friends?

Some friends you got there.


find new friends

Sooo did you bring me a Tshirt or send me a postcard?!?

Perhaps they thought you were out getting groceries, and they're really really dumb.

It's because your friends all went with you right!? :)

Either that or it's just a case of mass amnesia, in which case it's really more frightening than anything else.

Look at the bright side OP, at least you know your not annoying or completely hated.. Just, ya know, a little boring. Plus if you get married things won't really be that much different for you. ;)

Your friends or the people you talk to sometimes?

you shouldn't call the girls u stalk friends

This is why we have Facebook. :)

Not everyone has face book.

that's why we have a dislike button lol Jk

You call those people friends?

It could be OP's fault

Some friends you got there.

strange phenomena.... 4 an 5's pictures are relatively the same lol

yea that is funny

and they also both said pretty much the same thing

Another strange phenomenon 5 and 3 have the same first 6 letters in their user name

wow, that really sucks.

I went on vacation once, I left my baby brother carlos at the airport

I think you're a bit young to "smoke weed and have fun."

he's just trying to fit with the "cool" kids

That reminds me of The Hangover. Not at the table, Carlos

If I had to live in the same state as Snookie and that noforeheaded bankrupt housewife she-demon I would want to be high all the time as well.

time for new friends!

ain't that the truth

so who did you go with? not friends?

maybe someone took your place while you were gone so they think you were there the whole time...maybe