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Today, I took my girlfriend to a public place before confessing that I've been seeing another woman, to avoid a dramatic scene. After being rushed to the hospital with a concussion and broken nose, I think it's safe to say my plan didn't go very well. FML
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He's pretty stupid but at least he had the courage to tell her. But him cheating adds even more to his stupidity

you absoultely ******* deserve it. if you werent happy with her then you should have broken up with her before sleeping with someone else. you know she is going to react negatively and hoping she wont cause shes in public is even worse. hell hath no fury like a woman whose been cheated on. maybe you learned your ******* lesson. DONT CHEAT DICK!

just because you are seeing someone doesn't man you're having sexual relations with them. OP never said he slept with the other woman, so dont jump to conclusions. I'm not trying to defend OP in any way but I do agree with you 100%.

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#54 I wish there was a button for that.

That's not courage that is cowardice if he needed to take her to a public place. He is lucks that is all he ended up with. Bravo to the girl for standing up for herself. Maybe now he will think before he cheats again.

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I am in complete agreement with you.

Sexual or not. It doesn't ******* matter.

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I'm on my phone so I can't see a location. so where you from op I'd like to kick your ass myself

agreed. this guy got of easy, if you ask me.

Cheating is for shitters in general, but I'm sure if the situation was reversed the guy would go to jail for assault and overreacting. There's at least one hypocrite in this anti-cheating on a woman crowd, that much is clear.

You just got what you deserved, douche. This fml has got YDI written all over it.

Can we please try to get #1 up to 100 votes? And 185, I love that you have a knife in your hand in your profile photo after your comment!

Sure, she shouldn't have assaulted you, but you totally deserve it for both cheating on her and for not taking her to a private place. It was incredibly selfish of you to not even give her a place where she can relax, be comfortable and break down without others watching.

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Well, 205, that was certainly achieved. Let's try to raise 100 more! And OP, you can go **** yourself.

She should not have assaulted him, but he should not have cheated.

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i disagree. he was lucky he wasn't carted off unconcious. i also think any woman who did yhe same thing as OP did deserves to get her ass kicked too.

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Well 273, at the rate it's going it will get there. It's raised 200 since I last commented, which was only yesterday.

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She should go to jail just as the man would if he hit her. Don't we just LOVE sexist laws?

Clearly if OP felt he needed to do this in public maybe he knew she isn't stable. As much as it hurts hearing someone you care about is interested in someone else I wouldn't beat the shit out of them. You have no idea how long they've been together, what if this relationship wasn't working out and he found his "soulmate" it's funny how people see things in black and white when they aren't involved.

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HAHAHAHAHAHHA hahahaha dumbass YDI. I hate cheaters

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322- That may be true, but OP should have broken it off as soon as he knew he wanted to be seeing the other girl, rather than juggle them both. I do agree though. OPs girlfriend isn't in the right either, and it sucks that she can get away with this. It is very sexist that OP's girlfriend can do this, yet if it were the other way around OP would be arrested because "You can't hit girls!" Honestly, you shouldn't hit anyone no matter what, and if you do, the punishment should be the same regardless of gender. To me, OP is a dumbass, but his girlfriend should have handled it better.

correct me if I'm wrong, but no one said she 'got away with it'. and if she did leave before cops showed up, OP could press charges.

Well, clearly nobody gets anything from OP's username, 'verbaltodomestic'. It hints that she's verbally abused him many times before, as I've learned many women do and easily get away with because, well, they're women.

Recently as in the weekend before last a man was killed outside a bar. Him and another guy got into a fist fight one punch the wrong way and he was dead. Both lives are ruined over stupidity violence is wrong. Also seeing someone could be talking over coffee he "saw" her yeah? I just think everyone shouldn't be so quick to judge.

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I clicked 'ydi' right after 'seeing another woman.' I. Hate. Cheaters.

Wisconsin, in the good old fifty nifty United States. I'm booking a flight there right now so I can kick his ass. Meet you there?

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Plot Twist: It wasn't your ex-girlfriend who punched you out.

I thought we all decided that Plot Twists were over with on here? I do find this fad very annoying and I'm positive others do too.

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Plot Twist: 57 grows fond of plot twists. They begin saying them to every story they hear, and spreads them to the third world countries like aids, bringing joy to the poor, sickly people.

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Plot twist: He wasnt really dating another woman it was her alternate personality

I have no idea why OP figures he'll get "FYL". You totally deserve it, dude.

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His name sorta gives a different story, but if that's right, he's stupid for not including that detail in the actual FML, amirite.

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Indeed, he deserves it all the way. I wanna give that ex-girlfriend a high-five.

#21: Neither verbal nor domestic abuse is an excuse for cheating. If he wasn't happy with his girlfriend, he should have ended the relationship rather than go behind her back.

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i agree you totally deserve it OP.

44, while in theory I agree with you, abusive partners are generally masters at manipulating situations, to make the people they're with stay.

Yeah, I mean were you expecting sympathy OP?

I don't agree. It's a relationship, it won't kill the person. They may not deserve much, but a broken nose and a concussion is way too far. Props to him for at least TELLING her.

#152 Idiot, do you realize how many men and women die from domestic abuse?! People do die in relationships. Idiot.

Let's say the girlfriend is abusive to him and he was manipulated into staying with her, it still does not give him a right to cheat. If she was abusing him then he should have left her or sought help. I understand it is often hard for men to be considered a victim, because women are statistically the ones reported. However, I am not sure about the sins of the girlfriend, other than beating the crap out of him when he cheated on her. While this is not right, Op did not need to cheat on her and humiliate her like that in public. If he was afraid for his life, he should have packed up, left a note, and gone on with his life.

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the name refers to the eacalation in their arguement not that OP was a beaten husband. why would he leave something like that out?

Good on her. I have no sympathy for cheaters.

Agreed. He should have broken up with her then went and saw other women.

Double standard. What if a girl confessed to cheating on a guy and then the guy punched her in the face? Is that okay?

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I personally don't believe that a guy should ever hit a girl, except in circumstances where she possibly can kill or hurt the man badly. That being said, I wouldn't be ok with a guy hitting a girl for this.

ApollosMyth 22

Well, this got put under the wrong comment. Commence the down votes.

So you'd have no problem if a guy breaks his girlfriend's nose and sends her to the hospital with a concussion were the roles to be revered, right?

So you'd have no problem if a guy breaks his girlfriend's nose and sends her to the hospital with a concussion were the roles to be revered?

156: learn to read. they said they only have no problem with it if the man's life or safety are threatened. otherwise, they said they would NOT be okay with it if the roles were reversed.

So if I did this to my cheating girlfriend it would be ok? I mean if female on male violence is ok then male on female violence should be too. He shouldn't have cheated for sure but this is definitely a #DoubleStandard

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men are generally considered stronger which is why violence is seen as wrong between men and women. any woman who cheats deserves all she gets the same as any man does.

I might have agreed if it weren't for the hash tag.

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It's a double standard indeed. Why should it matter? Nobody should hit anyone, you douches.

Violence is certainly not the answer, but I don't see any discrimination. Self defense is a basic, unalienable right in my book, despite if the attacker is man or woman. If someone is causing physical pain, you have the basic right to defend yourself from further pain. But besides that, never throw the first punch. Violence isn't right.

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Got what you deserved! I would've been sitting there watching, with a bag of popcorn!

Double standard. What if a girl confessed to cheating on a guy and then the guy punched her in the face? Is that okay?

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@106: Yes, yes it is. Cheaters get what they deserve eventually, one way or another. Guy or girl, a punch in the face is a good start. If you don't want a concussion, easy: don't cheat. After all, it's easier to keep it in your pants than it is to hold a punch when the person you trusted tells you they've been cheating on you.

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I actually saw this one post about a guy who put cockroaches in a heart shaped box of chocolate and gave it to his cheating girlfriend to open in a locked car. I think that's a better punishment than being punched, don't you?

No i don't. If a girl cheats on a guy and the girl punches the guy in the face, who committed a crime? Who's in the wrong?

ApollosMyth 22

They are both in the wrong at that point.

There are far more creative ways to get revenge on a cheater other than physical violence, and I think that they have a far greater more satisfying after effect.

I think the best revenge in this situation would be to make sure that every other date he gets knows that he is a cheater.

I do not think anyone has the right to beat someone for cheating. Yes, it hurts. Yes, they are scum for cheating. But there has to be some level of responsibility. It is against the law for a reason. Just because someone hurts you does not mean you get to hurt them physically. However, legal, creative revenge is okay. Telling the girl he is seeing that he is a cheater is one way.

I am a woman and if I cheated on my husband I would expect to get an ass whoopin' (even though he wouldn't as he says a woman shouldn't be hit unless self defense), cheaters are cheaters and they should leave before they cheat, their partner deserves better.

This has gone farther than a double standard. This is misandry. Any comment that even mentions the double standard if the roles were reversed are downvoted while ones that say he deserved it get praise. I hope I'm not the only one who sees this.

You're not the only one- I see it too. They say a woman should never get hit except in self defense. Uh... How about a human should never get hit except in self defense? Or even better: any living thing?

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You took the words right out of my mouth.

Did he not learn from the ballpoint pen FML? The OP took his girlfriend to a shopping centre to break up with her and she stabbed him with a ballpoint pen an they both got banned from the shopping centre

So you're not only a cheater, but a pussy as well. You deserved that broken nose and concussion, douchebag.

Double standard. What if a girl confessed to cheating on a guy and then the guy punched her in the face? Is that okay?

Double standard. What if a girl confessed to cheating on a guy and then the guy punched her in the face? Is that okay?

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We get it 116 you do not have to keep posting the same thing over and over to get your point across. No it wouldn't be ok for a guy to hit a girl nor is it ok for a girl to hit a guy but being cheated on is a very emotional thing and maybe just maybe she wasn't thinking straight not condoning this behavior but sometimes we act irrationally when we are under a lot of stress.

skinnybyotch 16

Oops sorry I replied to the wrong comment :/

Although I do not condone OP's ex hitting him, if you really think about the broken nose and the concussion by itself, OP completely deserved it. Probably deserved worse.

drshn 22

Love the way you said it... exactly what I thought when I first read it.. but I felt it was inappropriate and offensive to write it

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Yeah, that's what you get for being an idiot. Justice is served.

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I agree with you. If a girl had cheated on a guy, and he gave her a concussion, would that be okay? Op is an asshole and an idiot, but the girl should not have physically assaulted him. Telling everyone and humiliating him would be acceptable. Sending him to the hospital is not.

If your charamander cheated on you I'm pretty sure you'd go Blastoise on his ass

10, I don't condone physical assaults but maybe if you thought about how his now-ex-girlfriend felt at that moment, she couldn't help herself. Imagine yourself in her shoes. You realize he did this in public so you would remain calm, or so he thought. You're now just a boiling pot of water waiting to explode. He says one comment or tries to hug/touch you and that's all it takes for you to give him a good punch to his nose, then head. Most likely, you wouldn't want to be touched by him. You stated that he didn't deserve to be punched because he only cheated on her, not hit her. How do we know this? What if OP cheated on her multiple times and she kept taking him back? She probably felt stupid and extremely angry, rightfully so.

lolita88_fml 27
lolita88_fml 27

Look, unless he's physically/verbally/sexually assaulted her, she has no right to raise her hand to him. Same if it were the other way around. She can, however, shout and scream and make a massive scene. But despite whether or not she had self-control, she has no right to hit him in this situation.

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I'm with 37 on this one. Somehow it's alright for a girl to hit her cheating boyfriend, but if any guy would hit his girlfriend for cheating on him he'd forever be a wife beater. I am not saying its ok for men to hit women at all, guys that do that aren't truly men anyway, but god damn, it's not fair for her to hit him either. Somehow you guys think it's perfectly fine that she broke his nose, but what if he fought back and broke her nose as well? That shit I will never understand. Girls cheat just as much as us, but we don't bash them in the ******* face and get praised for it.

SystemofaBlink41 27

Saying that she couldn't help herself really isn't an excuse. You can't just beat up on someone and then say you couldn't help yourself. That's called anger management problems. I agree that cheating is a horrible low-life thing, but giving a concussion? A broken nose, a little bit extreme. But a concussion? Also, if it were the guy beating the girl for cheating on him, the comments would be much different. Physical assault on any side is unacceptable.

#10 & #37 I agree with you, as I commented further down. The girlfriend is allowed to feel as angry as she got but in no way permitted to physically put her hand on another person. Case closed!

I agree #73 if the tables where flipped #71 up there wouldn't be saying that a man who gave a woman a broken nose and concussion was standing up for himself.

I gotta say, he deserved it simply for the fact that he took out in public to tell her this. In private, as it should have been, then no hitting is not excused but in this case it's understandable. He not only betrayed her and broke her heart, he totally humiliated her in public on top of it. I probably would have done the same.

I'll agree that OP is a cheaper and deserves it, but that stops at the part where she physically hurt him. Dude you can still press charges against her.

I hope all of you saying he deserved it are the same ones to jump up and say "she deserved it" if the situation was reversed. I personally don't think any situation like that calls for violence; yes he was a bag of shit coward, but that doesn't deserve a concussion. My ex cheated on me while we were living together w/ a guy in the same building. Now, how many of you would have thought that it would've been appropriate for me to break her nose and give her concussion when she finally admitted it?

Tigerblossom 19

Everyone needs to quit complaining. There are double standards about everything. People are just being pissy because it's in the girls favor this time. Should she have hit him? Maybe not. I personally think he deserved it because he took her to a place where he thought she wouldn't make a scene. I'm glad she made a spectacle of it. Cowards are the type of people I have no respect for.

but what if it was the other way around and a man punched the girl. then some serious stuff would go down.

I agree. Girls always want to be treated as equals but in this instance if the tables were turned and he hit her for doing the same thing then almost every girl would be like " he's a wife beater!" . This is just one of the reasons why I hate society -_-'

ravenevercross 19

If it was the other way around, if say she deserved it. I don't care if you're a woman or a man, if you're going to be a cheating worthless piece if trash, then you deserve to get taken out like one. Of course, I can think of far better ways than just a broken nose.